Race is an illusion - it doesn't really exist. You can't look at someone and tell what the DNA lineage is, or where they came from.

The British twins who are white and black show that race is impossible to tie to skin color. Born in 2006 to a white father and a half-Jamaican mother, the sisters have grown accustomed to getting mistaken for being just friends - and they have even had to produce their birth certificates in order to prove they are in fact related.

In genetic terms, skin color "is not a binary trait" with only two possibilities. "It's a quantitative trait, and everyone has some gradient on this spectrum. When a biracial couple has fraternal twins, the traits that emerge in each child depend on numerous variables, including 'where the parents' ancestors are from and complex pigment genetics," says Martin, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Modern science confirms "that the visible differences between peoples are accidents of history" - the result of mutations, migrations, natural selection, the isolation of some populations, and interbreeding among others, writes science journalist Elizabeth Kolbert. They are not racial differences because the very concept of race-to quote DNA-sequencing pioneer Craig Venter-"has no genetic or scientific basis."

Historically, when humans have drawn lines of identity-separating Us from Them-they've often relied on skin color as a proxy for race. But the 21st-century understanding of human genetics tells us that the whole idea of race is a human invention.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both half black. One parent is white, one is black -and yet society considers Obama black and Bill white.

Skin color does not indicate race.Genetics don't indicate race.Bill and Barack are the same percentage African - it's just bill randomly turned out lighter.Barack could have been as light skinned as Clinton is. All that separates them is a couple of random genes that went one way versus the other. They are genetically the same sort.

The whole pseudoscience of racial eugenics has been discredited since 1910s. It was always a fraud. It was always a way to target blacks and Jews. A way to justify killing them.It's treating humans like animals. Measuring the teeth ... measuring the penis size.

Eugenics began from slavery. It was measuring the Illuminati slaves. The slave owners wanted to categorize their slaves for different categories- like products. Like product segmentation.

So by having measurements of the slaves features, they could define race since skin color is such a false proxy for genetic race. The Illuminati created eugenics as part of their slave holders desire to categorize their slaves,

Both skin color and facial features are false proxies for race.Two false proxies don't make one positive result. The two indicators don't correlate to each other. They're just random.

Both skin color and eugenics don't indicate underlying race.They are racist pseudo science created by slave owners who wanted to sell more slaves and define more types of slaves. It was just noise to feed to the racists.

Really race is impossible to see. Your genes are a collection of things.Your skin color doesn't say where you're from.Ultimately the whole genetic tree originates in Africa so we're all Africans. We are all from the same root. We are variations of different colors of tulips.

God's ultimate plan is to unite us all. God created our world like a game where the different races are supposed to come together through having children together. Each different version of our DNA has different puzzle pieces to God's ultimate plan. Each racial group is supposed to share their puzzle pieces with the other groups by sharing their DNA.

By intermixing, we approach a closer proximity to God's plan. I am a mix of all people. I have the powers that I do because I have all the puzzle pieces from all the different races. Anastasia is as well. We are muts. And because we draw from so many branches of the genetic tree, we have all the different fruits DNA can provide. We have all the gifts.

Each race has gifts and each race has genetic problems. As humans we solve our genetic problems and gain genetic gifts by exchanging our DNA over time - eg by having sex with each other across racial groups over multiple generations. In order to get all the puzzle pieces, you have to have DNA from all the different "racial" groups.

The illuminati, the Nazis, the Catholic Church, Donald Trump, etc - they are all race separatists. They all believe that Satan created the world with separate races who are all supposed to compete separately against each other in some global race war. The racist illuminati assumes that their "white aryan jews" will win this race war and be the master of other races who will then be their slaves.

The entire illuminati is based upon a foundational myth of racism. This racist myth is not only self-serving, incorrect and incoherent, it is fundamentally at odds with God, our Creator's, real plan. God wants us to come together, not remain separated. God wants us to learn from each other, share from each other, not try to eliminate each other in a racial war.

Interracial children are often beautiful. That's not an accident. God smiles upon races mixing. God wants us to move beyond race completely. At some point, we will all interbreed so much that everyone will look like one race. At that point the illuminati's racial war will no longer be an intelligible idea. How can you have a race war if there are no races?

The illuminati is trying to stop God's vision from progressing. They are trying to foster racial separation, hatred and war. Their entire system is founded upon a myth of racism that is incompatible with our Creator's vision.

That was Jesus Christ's message as well. Jesus Christ was a African man who was black with straight black hair. Mary Magelene, his wife, was white. Their union itself was a statement against racial separation. That's one reason why the illuminati went to such great effort to remove Mary Magdelena from the Bible and cover up that Jesus was black.