There has been a lot of talk recently about "socialism." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - 28 year old political sensation who came out of nowhere with little experience to knock Senator Crowley out of his seat.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should not be the face of socialism in America - she is a political neophyte who is just learning the issues. The illuminati have set her up with her position because they want to use her to discredit Bernie Sanders - the true Democratic Socialist.

The illuminati want to use Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a way to make socialism look stupid, costly and utopian. They picked her - a young, inexperienced minority - to represent socialism because they're trying to scare older America about Democratic Socialism.

Bernie Sanders is much harder to attack as utopian, inexperienced or unpragmatic. Bernie Sanders has been working for progressive issues in government his whole life. He was a mayor and then a representative and now a Senator. Despite usually defining himself as a progressive independent, he has succeeded in getting more amendments attached to bills than another other Senator.

Sanders is the amendment king. Since the Republicans took over Congress in 1995, no other lawmaker – not Nancy Pelosi, not Paul Ryan, not Maxine Waters – has passed more roll-call amendments (amendments that actually went to a vote on the floor) than Bernie Sanders. Bernie gets things done. He is nothing but pragmatic.

Amendments are an important way to move resources and build bipartisan coalitions to change the direction of the law. Despite the fact that the most right-wing Republicans in a generation controlled the House of Representatives between 1994 and 2006, the member who passed the most amendments during that time was not a right-winger like Bob Barr or John Boehner. The amendment king was, instead, Bernie Sanders.

Sanders did something particularly original, which was that he passed amendments that were exclusively progressive, advancing goals such as reducing poverty, help our veterans and protecting the environment, and he was able to get bipartisan coalitions of Republicans who wanted to shrink government, or hold it accountable and progressives who wanted to use it to empower Americans.

These amendments are not small things. For instance, consider the Expanding Free Health Care Act (November 2001): You wouldn't think Republicans would agree to an expansion of funds for community health centers, which provide free services. But Sanders was able to win a $100 million increase in funding with an amendment. Another Sanders amendment to the general appropriations bill prohibited the importation of goods made with child labor in 2001.

When he became a Senator in 2006, his ability to use amendments to advance a progressive agenda was even further empowered. Here are some of the amendments he has passed in the Senate:

Greening the U.S. Government (June 2007): A Sanders amendment made a change to the law so at least 30 percent of the hot water demand in newer federal buildings is provided through solar water heaters.

Protecting Our Troops (October 2007): Sanders used an amendment to win $10 million for operation and maintenance of the Army National Guard, which had been stretched thin and overextended by the war in Iraq.

Restricting the Bailout to Protect U.S. Workers (Feburary 2009): A Sanders amendment required the banking bailout to utilize stricter H-1B hiring standards to ensure bailout funds weren't used to displace American workers.

Helping Veterans' Kids (July 2009): A Sanders amendment required the Comptroller General to put together comprehensive reporting on financial assistance for child care available to parents in the Armed Forces.

Exposing Corruption in the Military-Industrial Complex (November 2012): A Sanders amendment required “public availability of the database of senior Department officials seeking employment with defense contractors” – an important step toward transparency that revealed the corruption of the revolving door in action.

Support for Treating Autism in Military Health Care: Sanders worked with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to pass an amendment by a vote of 66-29 ensuring that the military's TRICARE system would be able to treat autism.

When Bernie Sanders first offered a single-payer health-care bill in 2013, he didn’t have a single co-sponsor in the Senate. Today one-third of Senate Democrats and two-thirds of House Democrats have endorsed the plan. Though Bernie Sanders had zero co-sponsors for his free-college plan in the past, today he has seven co-sponsors of his legislation, along with several potential 2020 Democratic presidential contenders.

Clearly Bernie is the vanguard of the party - carrying the progressive banner. Fox News is afraid of Bernie though so they go after a 28 year old neophyte and try and smear her with the socialist label.

Bernie Sanders has long called himself a socialist - well before others in the Democratic were willing to risk doing so. So really the posterchild for Democratic Socialism should be Bernie Sanders -- which was the case when he ran for President in 2016 when this all came up the first time.

The illuminati knows that Bernie Sanders has a good shot at winning the Presidency in 2020 and they are trying to set up the socialist trap now to catch him later. The illuminati, Trump and Fox news are using Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a way of staining Bernie - they want to make Democratic Socalism seem utopian, out of touch, and impossible.

Really, the Democratic Socialism that Bernie Espouses (and even Ocasio-Cortez advocates) is the same Democratic Socialism that dominates European politics in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Bernie is advocating health care for all, education for all. Fox News calls these proposals socialism but Germany and France both have free health care and free education - are they failed socialist states?

Merrium Websters says that -- in the many years since "socialism" entered the English language around 1830, it has acquired several different meanings. It refers to a system of social organization in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social decisions, but the term has been interpreted in widely diverging ways, ranging from statist to libertarian, from Marxist to liberal. In the modern era, "pure" socialism has been seen only rarely and usually briefly in a few Communist regimes. Far more common are systems of social democracy, now often referred to as democratic socialism, in which state regulation has been employed by democratically elected governments (as in Sweden and Denmark) in the belief that it produces a fair distribution of income without impairing economic growth.

The illuminati, the GOP and Fox News are trying to confuse Americans about the difference between communism and socialism. Fox wants to tell you that "socialism" is the same thing as Soviet era Communism. Communism was about totalitarian state planning (set up incidentally by the illuminati). Communism has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez.

"Socialism" is a type of government that values the social welfare of people. Socialism is not at odds with democraty. The idea behind socialism is that we all get together and create a system that is best for the entire community. Mostly that system is capitalistic but we need limits on the capitalist system to create a social safety net for everyone. Following socialist reasoning you would want to invest in free health care and education for all because that is the best thing for the community.

What is good for the community is not nesc counter to what is good for the market place. So socialism is not nesc at tension with capitalism. In fact a strong society creates strong workes who help the economy and capitalism. If workers are sick they can't contribute to the economy. Without having an educated work force, we can't compete economically. Really the sort of democratic socialism Bernie Sanders advocates - free health care, free education - would only improve capitalism in America and make our economy stronger.

That's why Europe already does all the things that Bernie Sanders advocates. They already have free health care, free education. No one else in the world ties health care to a person's job. It's an incredibly stupid way to provide health care. People end up in bad cycle of losing their jobs then their health care and then get sick and can't work anymore. The system was designed by the illuminati to screw over American workers.

Communism in contrast to socialism is always at tension with democracy. Communism relies on either a dictator or group of dictators to plan out the whole economy. The USSR was a Commnunist dictatorship. The Soviets crushed freedom of expression and they crushed the free market because they were totalitarian and thought freedom was a risk to their control. The USSR's reliance on central planning for their economy was the reason they went bankrupt and their state failed.

Interestingly, the illuminati is a centrally planned economy. The illuminati runs exactly like the USSR (which it always controlled). The illuminati centrally plans everything so that their cult members make more and more money. The illuminati hates capitalism - they love monopolies and cartells and central planning by the Catholic Church. Their entire 2000 + history has been based upon repression and central control, EG they have always been against true Capitalism.

So Socialism basically means that the government puts a value on the welfare of all of its people. In a cruel pure market there would be no value attached to the welfare of the society itself. Democratic Socialists in contrast want to make sure that there is a real safety net for people so that no one is pushed into homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness or suicide.

Jesus Christ was a socialist. Heaven is a socialist utopia. Capitalism with no ethics is hell on Earth. Capitalism with ethics (democratic socialist capitalism) can get as close as we can get to Heaven on Earth. Pure capitalism is irrational. It leads to what are called "negative externalities." Pure capitalism destroys the environment, pure capitatlism leads to slavery and drug cartels, pure capitalism leads to the collapse of meaning in life. What we need is capitalism with ethics. We need Democratic Socialism (capitalism with community safe guards).

Advocating Democratic Socialism is not a losing strategy - it is a WINNING strategy. As the 99% have eaten away at the American dream and made no holds barred, cruel, greedy capitalism untenable for most Americans, Americans are hopeless and despondent. Americans are looking for alternatives - which is why Donald Trump was able to win the election.

Americans want to succeed in the capitalist system the illuminati GOP has set up in America, but they are dealing with a rigged capitalism that is welfare for rich people. They are getting burned out and angry. They know that things are unjust but they don't know who to blame.

That is why Americans from all races, from poor and middle class families, are sympathetic to Bernie's message of Democratic Socialism. They realize that the system is rigged against them and they are looking for the Government to set some standards for life in America. We need the US government to protect us from the international illuminati cult.

People shouldn't be expected to raise families on 10 dollars an hour and no health insurance. American children shouldn't have to sell themselves into indentured servitude to the banks in order to raise money to get a college degree. Americans are realizing that the illuminati is trying to destroy America. They can feel America being destroyed but they don't know why it's happening. They don't realize the illuminati is intentionally trying to destroy our country.

Bernie Sanders is a pragmatic progressive who cares. He has real plans to make sure Americans have a real safety net like they do in Europe. He wants to make sure that Americans aren't ridden over by the illuminati multi-national capitalism rigged for the elites and their corporations.

Now the real question about Democratic Socialism is who pays for it. And of course Bernie Sanders has thought all about that. Bernie is not some utopian dreamer, he is a pragmatic doer with vision. As Bernie correctly notes, America has severe levels of economic inequality right now. Our multi-national corporations, our Wall Street Banks are making billions while the 99& of America languishes in an economy where Americans are working harder for less money.

Americans are tired of struggling while they watch the rich and powerful elites act as if they are our masters. Americans realize that it's time to raise taxes on the banks and billionaires and corporations who are sucking from America. Donald Trump just gave the 1% and the huge MNC's a massive tax cut. Americans should demand that their government start looking out for regular people and not just the 1% illuiminati who control our Government.

Really long term these proposals will pay for themselves. Free education will create a stronger economy because it creates more businesses and a more skilled workforce. Free health care will drive down medical costs and lead to Americans having far better health, more security and more economic productivity. In the long run, investing in America will return great economic results.

In the short term, we need to take all the money the 1% is sitting on and the corporations are cheating Americans out of and invest that money in Americans. Invest that money in creating a real social safety net like we were constructing with the Great Deal in the 1930s.