hillary clinon sexist walking amonst trees is itself a sexist remark what she means is that she's been aroudn a lot of powerful men

clinton stole the primary from Bernie

Trump never thought he would win This is like manchurian candiidate ccards - illuminati planning since lost wwII

Bill Clinton - Rockefeller man impregnated by a black man That's why joke is he's half black,That's why black people loved him so much until they could get Obama - a real black man into office.

Bill talking to Chelsea: Come on now Chelsea
You know your mother needs this
You know how people are with your mother
They just don't understand her like we do
They don't see the side of her that we do

Intro: bill always talks Chelsea
Cause mommy scary
Hillary used to beat Chelsea
Hillary has a VERY SHORT FUSE...

She manages that temper by murdering little children
Chelsea had to have reconstructive surgery on her face because Hillary beat her so hard as a 3 year old
This memory is still beaten into Chelsea. All these years later if her mom raises her voice at all Chelsea defecates ...
she is intentensly scared of her mother
Her mother did run a pizza parlor where you could order children
That's not a hoax - that's really what Hillary was doing. She is a violent pedophile child murderer
Everyone in the Illuminati know
That's why she's queen bitch #1.
Not only will she murder children she murder adults like Seth rich people

The clintons always got ahead through murder and intimidation - they always worked the Illuminati power structure- embraced satanism full stop. They were the debauched of the debauched. A lesbian wife who s married to a rapist - a wife who takes down his rape accusers and if she can't ruin them in the press she hires hitmen to kill them. That murder list that's been circulating around of all the people the clintons have killed is real. It's over 150 ppl. And that's not even close to the real number ...and if you include children young women and gay men the list is nearly a billion long. They have been at this for a very long time Bill Clinton is half Rothschild Jew half blackHe was groomed to be President by the NWO illuminati.

We gotta have 3 Chelsea
3 clintons
You gotta do this for your mother
And then when she's president you'll be next
But I don't want to be President
Chelsea what are you saying
You know how much that would upset your mother if she heard you say that.
But daddy it's too much pressure
Don't worry Chelsea you won't have to answer any questions
There won't be any reporters
But daddy indont believe in this stuff
Mommy is too corporate..
She's stealing money
Chelsea ,,,, you know they're listening Chelsea
If you ever say anythingblukebthat
If your mother ever heard you talk like that she'd be very very very upset
You know what she does when she gets upset right Chelsea
Chelsea looks really afraid and defecates herself
Chelsea - did you have a poo again?
Nnnnn..... no daddy
Chelsea it's stinky
Chelsea starts crying
Chelsea ... be a big girl Chelsea
Be a big girl
No crying
Mommy would not approve
Daddy do I have to give the speech?
Yes Chelsea you have to
Your mommy really needs this.
But I really don't want to
Chelsea your mother needs this to become president
Don't you want your mother to be President like I was
Yes daddy
Well then this is what needs to happen
And after you help your mother out
We'll help you when you run for president
But I don't want to be President
Come on Chelsea - we aren't just anyone