Roseanne Barr tweeted two things today and had her show cancelled in a matter of hours. One about Valerie Jarrett, and the other about Chelsea Clinton and George Soros. Roseanne tweeted:

Roseanne's first tweet about Valerie is pretty bad. It's a low blow. Valerie though is an evil person - and she is not African American. She's an illuminati dark Jew pretending to be African. She was also born in Egypt not Iran. She is a satanic spy for the illuminati Egyptians.

The second tweet about Chelsea Clinton and George Soros is what really pissed the illuminati off though. Roseanne revealed that Chelsea Clinton is married to George Soros nephew. The illuminati Jewish press have made sure that that the George Soros story is swept under the rug while they focus on Roseanne being a racist.

Chelsea Clinton actually responded to Roseanne - only to say that her husband wasn't a nephew of George Soros but that George Soros was a great guy. If Chelsea really wasn't married into the Soros family, she woudln't have bothered to reply to Roseanne's claim. Her denial proves the point. She doth protest too much.

Barr, who is Jewish, also said Soros "is a nazi who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth." This is completely true. The media wants to say it's some weird conspiracy theory but even Soros himself used to talk about his role in the concentration camp - which was to decide which Jews lived or died.

George Soros is one of the vilest illuminati dickless Satanic Jews ever. He worked with the Nazis during the war to decide which Jews were allowed to live and which were sent immediately to the gas chambers. He also made a lot of money by helping to steal their wealth for the Nazis. He was an illuminati Nazi himself who pretended to be forced into the camps. His real role was really as a Nazi Spy.

Soros has had this part of his history completely wiped from the internet but I read a long story in the late 1990s in the New York Times detailing Soros role in the Holocaust where he himself talked about his role deciding which Jews would live or die. Soros has also had official records of his age changed to make it seem like he was too young to be in the war. He was 18 when he first started working in the Nazi camps.

Soros in the article I read said that his ability picking which Jews would go to the Gas Chambers actualy prepared him for his later economic career. He said it also made him more detached emotionally which is useful in stock trading. In the article, Soros presented himself as a reluctant collaborator with the Nazis but also highlighted how the experience made him good at stock investing. I remember it very clearly because it was so shocking to me.

Soros likes to think of himself as a kingmaker. He bet against the Russian Ruble in the 1990s when Russia was getting rid of the communists and he succeeded in destroying the Russian economy.

Soros is not very smart actually. He's another dumb Jew who is allowed to pretend to be smart. Soros got all of his money from murdering other Jews in the Holocaust. He was always a Nazi spy, that's why he survived the concentration camps. After WWII he took that fortune and used it to get richer. But he was always protected by the illuminati Jews who ran the Nazis and they made sure he won his economic bets.

For instance, it's not that George Soros bankrupted Russia, is the illuminati who decided to bankrupt Russia and Soros fortune was the tool they used. He just did what they told him. Soros is not really responsible for destroying Russia's economy in the 1990s, the illumianti Jewish NWO - that Putin belongs to - is. Putin has said that Soros is wanted dead or alive in Russia but this is just proganda designed to hide the fact that Putin and Soros are part of the same satanic illuminati club.

Soros is a big deal to the illuminati. He has one of their biggest fortunes and he has a very political network. Which is why Chelsea Clinton ended up married to his nephew. Soros, like Rockefeller, has been trying to normalize an illuminati NWO for a long time. Like Rockefeller, Soros is a spokesperson for the banking techno managers who think they should run the world economy.

The illuminati was sure fast about getting Roseanne off the stage once she outed Chelsea Clinton and the George Soros connection. How long did it take to get Harvey Weinstein out of Hollywood?

Roseanne apologized immediately for the Valerie Jarrett tweet and deleted it. She actually apologized twice. How many celebrities have said things worse than Roseanne's tweets? Roseanne even apologized right away and deleted the tweet. Why are they going after her so hard? It's because of the George Soros thing.

Roseanne Barr has made a bunch of tweets the illuminati media characterizes as weird conspiracy theories but they are actually all true.

Barr accused Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hogg of giving a Nazi salute at an event. This is true, Hogg is a Nazi illuminati. The illuminati caused the Parkland shooting to give Hogg and the other children a platform to try and destroy our second amendment. Hogg is a sick Satanist who is enjoying his power trip.

Barr has also referenced the Pizzagate story. She's claimed Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta were using a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant for a child trafficking ring. This is also completely true. Both Hillary and Podesta are horrible pedophiles and Satanic child murderers.

Hillary and Podesta did run a pizza restaurant as a front for a pedophile and child murdering ordering service. If you ordered a pepperoni pizza with black olives, they illuminati would send you a young black boy. They had an entire scheme worked out so that pedophiles could order victims via the pizza restaurant.

Since the rumors have been heating up, they've stopped using the pizza place as a front but during the 2016 campaign it was still operational and they had been running it since Hillary left the White House in 2000.

Barr also referred to Clinton aide Human Abedin as a "filthy nazi whore" which is also true. Huma Abedin, like Clinton is an illuminati Nazi. Weiner is another illuminati Nazi Jew. They are both child murderers and Satanists. Weiner has no dick, but he's obsessed with pretending like he does. He rapes little girls with a strap-on. Huma does the same thing. They are both extreme child murderers which is why Huma is Hillary's lesbian lover.

Apparently, ABC doesn't understand that America have a 1st amendment to protect UNPOPULAR SPEECH, not popular speech. While Roseanne's tweet pissed a lot of people off, she has the same right to speek as Donald Trump who was allowed to mouth off about Obama's birtherism on ABC and many networks for nearly a decade.

Many other celebrities have said worse and the illuminati press hasn't bothered to even mention them.

Here's Satanist Alec Baldwin in 2011 talking about wanting to be a Nigga in Paris. The 30 Rock star posted these comments on his Twitter page during the Emmy broadcast, bringing a ton of heat to his page from the black community. He wasn't removed from his show.

Satanic illuminati Gwyneth Paltrow called herself as a nigga in Paris in 2012. She did it while on stage at a Jay-Z show. She wasn't black listed by the liberal Hollywood elite. Here's Gwyneth's tweet at a Jay-Z concert:

Here's Satanic illuminati Rihanna calling her ex's new girlfriend RICE CAKES because she's vietnamese.

Here's Floyd Mayweather saying Jeremy Lin only gets attention because he's Asian. According to dickless ball-less gay Floyd, Blacks to what Lin does all the time but they don't get any credit. Mayweather's racist comments never stopped him from having a fight televized on HBO.

As if sending out a tweet about the Japanese tsunami that killed over 15,000 people that was offensive to both Japanese and Jewish people, comedian Gilbert Gottfried followed up with another disturbing message that read: "I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, ‘They'll be another one floating by any minute now.'"

Gottfried's tweets from 2011 - which are FAR FAR WORSE than anythign Roseanne has ever said, didn't stop him from working in Hollywood. In 2013, Gottfried became a member of "Team Rachael" on the second season of Food Network's Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. In March 2013 he appeared on ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap. In 2014 he was cast on NBC's reality show The Celebrity Apprentice.

Here's Moby saying making a joke that implies Black women don't belong in the NY MoMa (Museum of Modern Art).

Hey racist Moby, maybe you should recognize that Picasso - modern Art big shot - spent most of his career stealing from African Artists. I guess he doesn't belong in the MoMa either. Moby is a massive illuminati Fraud. He is a big promoter of the illuminati Vegan lifestyle designed to make Americans sick and weak. Moby's music is all crap. The one good album he had in the late 1990s he stole from me, which is why it doesn't sound anything like his other albums.

Moby is a white supremacist Nazi - which is why he says Jay-Z's comment "cracked" him up. IE Moby is a cracker. And crackers don't think black women should be walking around the MoMa - that's rich cracker land.

Moby's only claim to fame is that his grandfather wrote Moby Dick (which is where he took his name from). That's actually an illuminati lie. Moby is not descended from Herman Melville, Moby is descended from Adolf Hitler's sister - Paula Hitler. Moby's so attached to Moby Dick because he really wanted to hide the Hitler thing and also because he is a very queeny gay man. Moby loves a lot of dick. Hence Moby's fascination with Moby Dick.

The illuminati satanists are selectively getting outraged. They are going after Roseanne because they don't like that she is a pro-Trump voice in America. They are intentionally silencing her because of her voice - not these tweets. America should be a place where all free speech is protected, not just free speech the illumiinati is comfortable with. If Roseanne's actions were so bad, why not let the public decide that? Why not see if her ratings drop? Hollywood is not trying to save America, they're trying to protect their Satanists.

Roseanne Barr is actualy being kept a prisoner in Australia by the illuminati. The woman who is playing her in her reboot is an imposter clone the illuminati created. Roseanne is not a Trump supporter, the illuminati wanted her to be one. Despite that, they can't control their own robot and Roseanne was able to tweet some things they didn't like. Really the George Soros thing is what they hate.