The Economics of the UNDERWORLD

Mafiosos now-a-days like to think of themselves as pirate capitalists. They are NOT capitalists though; the economics of the above ground economy and the black market are not the same economic laws. The above ground economy is capitalis, the below ground economy has always been dominated by monopolys and cartels which are anti-capitalistic.

Rationality is less important in the black market because force is a substitute for reason. In the black market, if someone doesn't agree with a deal, they often take the option of killing the other party. Essentially, reason is at the mercy of brute force. The illuminati are not capitalists - they are thugs and murderers.

Because of the use of force in the market, the black market skews even more heavily to monopolies and cartels. Dominant players can just murder their rivals as we've seen mafiosos do for generations. You can't do that in the above ground economy but in the underworld economy that's just how business is done. So the economic laws are not the same.

The tendency to anti-capitalistic monopolies is why the illuminati has been so relatively stable for so long (until now when they're falling apart all over the place). They would change power every once and a while with a blood bath as a family takes their spot by killing another but in between things would be relatively stable. That's all changed now. Now, they're falling apart all over the place in millions of different aways across the entire globe - as judgement day approaches.

The economics of the black market also promoted inbreeding as a way of retaining familial control. The illuminati promoted inbreeding to retain control because allowing love marriages or people to marry outside the family creates potential rivals that could weaken their control and market dominance.

This inbreeding - the same as the World's Monarchies the underworld is allied with - has lead to all of their genetic diseases including mental issues like mental retardation, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as well as physical disabilities like the inability to eat food that has not already been digested and expelled as feces.

Both sides of the illuminati - above ground and below ground - have become genetically diseased in ways that will end their entire blood lines. They each have trillions of genetic diseases and flaws. They all have tails as well now. They've been cross bread with neanderthail pygmies who had tails. So now they all have tails - mostly short like 2-3 inches.

You see these genetic defects in all aspects of the illuminati across the world. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Wall Street, the Caanite Jews in Hollywood, the Japanese Yakuza, Putin's gay neanderthal monkey boys, the Chinese Triads, the MS13, the Mexican Mafia, the Armenian Mafia, the British Royal Family, the Swedish and Spanish Royal families, the Japanese Royal Family, the Chinese Communist Jews, the Catholic Church's Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and 99% of the priests and nuns.

All the people in the underworld of the illuminati and the highest levels of the illuminati upper society exhibit these genetic defects. They have inbred themselves into hermaphroditism. The men have lost their penises and balls. The women have lost their vaginas. Now they can no longer breed naturally at all. They can't defecate. They die at a drop of a hat with heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. They have multiple personalities and pretend to be animals like dogs for hours during a day.

The illuminati are not pirate capitalists - they are genetically diseased monopolists and murderers. As Max Weber noted, Capitalism works best when its combined with a religious ethic that promotes honesty, hard work, industriousness and ingenuity; the illuminati promotes none of these things. The illuminati promotes lying, narcissism, nepotism, stupidy, laziness, and they are all now - because of genetic disease - literally crazy and behave irrationally so you can't negotiate with them.

American values are completely antithetical to the illuminati's values. We believe in capitalism, they believe in anti-capitalism. They believe in a market dominated by cartels of thugs and murderers. We believe in honest trade and hard work. They want to just steal from everyone and then ask everyone to say "thank you" afterward. They think they're Gods who should rule us all as their natural slaves, we aspire to a state where everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.