Pretty much all the people you see acting in commercials today are illuminati slaves. The celebrities aren't slaves but the people who aren't celebrities are slaves now.

The illuminati has operated an underground slave industry since the Civil War. Slavery didn't end in America, it just went underground. The illuminati has always controlled the slave trade and they also control the slave trade now.

Slaves are mostly kept underground now. There are millions of slaves all over the world - the illuminati press covers it all up.

Around the year 2000, the Illuminati decided that they don't like paying people royalties on commercials. Why cast actors when you can get slaves to do the job? Slaves don't get royalties.

Since they have millions of slaves to chose from they can cast exactly the look they want for the commercial. They don't even need to put out a casting call. They just pick slaves they think can do the job and give them a shot at the commercial.

Commercials are pretty easy from an acting point of view. Especially if you're just in the background smiling while eating at a family table. Even speaking roles aren't that difficult. Many times people cast commercials by having the actor do the entire part. Unlike say a film where you are casting someone to do an entire part based on only a couple of scenes, with commercials you can get a trial run of the entire performance.

Now illuminati Hollywood and ad agencies are just getting slaves to run through the entire commercial. The slave does all the action and says the lines. If they do a good enough job they end up in the commercial. They're still slaves though and end up having to go back underground after the commercial is shot.

Some slaves who demonstrate that they are actually talented actors get to live above ground. Like the Flo lady in the progressive commercials. She is a slave. She never saw the sun until age 23 when she was brought above ground and cast in her first commercial.

After Flo was able to demonstrate comedic abilities she was allowed to be in more and more commercials. By the time she was doing progressive commercials, the illuminati allowed her to live above ground.

She still doesn't get any royalties from any of her commercials though. She is still a slave. The Illuminati pays her a stipend every month but they can take it away whenever they want. They can also force her back underground whenever they want. They own her.