Slavery never stopped, it just went underground in the western world. After the South lost the civil war, they just put their slaves underground in tunnels and caves throughout the south.

The Nazis - German, Japanese, etc - used slave labor as an industrial labor pool. They adapted slavery from the colonial times of using slaves as manual labor and made slaves work in factories. That way they could not only gather resources but create products to be sold for their masters.

Now slavery has gone Wall Street. Slaves are treated like stocks where they can have multiple owers. Each owner gets a cut of the slaves earned profit. The slave gets nothing but each master gets something according to the percentage of the slave they own. When making decisions about what to do with a slave they vote according to their ownership stake in the slave.

Slavery has also been vertically integrated so it now spans slave to master in a continuum. In the ancient world, being a slave was obvious. You were in chains and beaten. But now slavery has become layers of ownership. Oprah owns Dr Phil and Dr Oz. Dr Phil and Dr Oz own their own slaves. And so on and so on. In the illuminati world they are all slaves to the 13 families who control the illuminati. Some slaves are richer than others, like Oprah but they are all literally slaves to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Yakuza, Queen of England, etc. The highest level of the illuminati owns everyone underneath as slaves.

The illuminati is like a pyramid of slave ownership. The top is the 13 families and they own everyone else. At the bottom are the slaves owned by slaves like Jordan Spieth or Brooks Koepka. All the money flows towards the top like a ponzi scheme. So the slaves generate money for their masters who generate money for their masters and so on.

This excerbates wealth gaps because the bottom is not moving anywhere while their money goes to the top making them richer and richer. Even the middle of the triangle is giving their money to the top so you end up with the top going up and up while the bottom sits stationary.

This is inherently unstable. Their are more people in the illuminati than the 13 families and they are all losing while the .1% 13 families take everything. Grabby hands grab all they can. The illuminati is made up of grabby hands and the 13 families have the grabbiest hands of all and are in the best position to take from everyone else.

Slavery in general is a vast source of wealth in our world that is invisible. The Japanese, Germans, Israelies are so rich because they own so many slaves because they've been owning slaves for a long time. 99% of their wealth is in slaves. The illuminati fixes dollar values to all the slaves so they have a record of what their wealth is in the underworld slave economy.

The illuminati now controls 99.9% of the wealth of the world. That is their NWO - they think they bought the world. That's 99.9% of wealth that can be tracked in bank accounts and paid taxes on. That is just 1% of their true wealth though. Their true wealth is in how many slaves they own. That is the wealth they use to finance their luxury lifestyles and child murdering habits.

That's why the 13 families can never become part of a non-slave owning world. To do so would be to lose 99.9% of their wealth. They would be wiped out and "poor". Even though they'd still be rich compared to the rest of us, these people don't know how to live under a 10 million a month budget. They have grown up so entitled spending millions on drugs and expensive weird prostitutes. To the illuminati the idea of living without slaves is unbearable. They can't imagine a world like that.

Slave usage as labor is being used to destroy America's economy. American workers are competing against countries throughout the world who use slave labor to decrease the cost of their goods. The Nazis perfected this in WWII and IKEA has been proven to have continued this practice after the world in East Germany all the way into the 1990s. Ikea is just the tip of the iceberg. Japan and Germany and South Korea use slavery to manufacture all of their goods which makes them obviously cheaper to produce.

The illuminati wants to make America a place of slavery. If our economy is healthy and we have good jobs, they can't make us all slaves. So the illuminati NWO has been planning many ways to try and destroy our economy. Using slavery as an unfair business practice is a very important way they are destroying our economy. Our workers pay is getting squeezed because they are competing against slaves throughout the world.

The illuminati argue that this form of slavery where slaves are owned in vertical chains and by multiple owners is somehow a form of economic rationality. As if slaves were themselves just corporations with bodies and so partial ownership makes sense. The slaves job is to make money for the master and they are incentivised to do so because the master can kill them if they do not.

So Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a slave owned by Michelle Obama. Michelle is a dark illuminati Jew who also owns Barack. Michelle lets DeGrassee talk about science and astrophysics because she wants to promote dark people as intelligent. DeGrassee is allowed to say half truths and interesting ideas that are half bullshit. He's talking about stuff that no one else knows about so he can say whatever he wants.

That allows him to mix truth with lies and sound super smart at the same time. Really he's not that smart, pretty dumb really. He's interested in some interesting stuff though and if he's given access to Big Blue to talk about those things, he can say some pretty important things. But that's only if Obama wants to let him.

Neil believes his slavery is a good thing used in this modern way and that he's protected by his master. And that is true that Michelle Protects him but that's only because the illuminati is so evil that they murder people without reason. In a post illuminati world there is no benefit to slavery. Not even on economic terms.

Part of why God created robots was to remove the need for slavery. Humans don't want to do menial tasks forever. They'll do them as a step on a ladder to more mentally complicated tasks but people who are forced to be on a conveyor belt and do the same job over and over again are not happy. It's not what God intended for us. Robots are supposed to do that work and we're supposed to be able to live off the fruit of the robots work.

If you have robots, why do you want slaves? Robots are essentially perfect slaves, they do what they're told, they don't need food, they never rebel, they don't require being raised from childhood. Really slavery makes no sense at all in the modern economy. Even if you are so callous to think of people as property, robots are superior to slaves in value in terms of labor.

The illuminati doesn't really want slaves for labor, what they really want are slaves because that's how they see the world. They want slaves because they want to be able to sexually exploit children and slaves. They want slaves because they want to be masters in order to feel better about their pathetic lives.

We already know what the best version of capitalism is, and it doesn't involve slavery. In the example of DeGrasse, he would be able to contribute more on the topics he's discussing if he wasn't a slave. There is no way being a slave makes his contribution to society more important. His slave status only decreases his value to society, impeeds his ability to contribute.