The illuminati hates real capitalism. They pretend to be advocates of capitalism but what they're reallyl advocates for is monopolies where they can get rich. True competion they hate. Better solutions beating out weaker solutions they hate. They do not believe in Adam Smith's invisible hand. They think that they are Gods who should centrally plan our ecomony like the Russians centrally planned theirs.

In terms of how the economics works. There is ABSOLUTELY no difference between the Illuminati and a communist party machine like the Russian Communists or the Cuban Communists. Like communism, the illuminati believes that the inside party should figure out who should be the winners and losers in the economy.

Sometimes they obscure this by making it into a game. For instance, in golf right now 98% of the golfers are fakes. They use illuminati trickery to pretend to be golf players but they have almost no ability and should never be on the greens. Computer graphics are made to make them look like golf players. It's all a big movie.

The 2% who are real golfers play against these fakes. Whereas the fakes might pay a trillion dollars to buy a put, the real player has to make it based upon actual skill. The illuminati player buys results off the "menu" as they call it. The real player can achieve those results by skill. It gets even worse though because the Illuminati not only allow players to buy good results, they also allow them to buy bad results for other players.

So when Tiger Woods played in the Players recently. All the other Golfers besides Bubba Watson were paying not only to fake their games but paying extra to make Tiger look like he misses. When Tiger hit it into the water, that didn't really happen. He hasn't hit it in the water on that whole ever - not after 13 years of playing on that course. What happened is Simpson - the eventual winner, paid trillions of dollars just to send Tiger's ball into the water.

The end result is BAD GOLF. UGLY GOLF. Golf viewership is actually declining a lot. The networks are hiding all of it because they don't really care about the viewership anymore. The real money is in letting Illuminati idiots pretend to be golfers. Televised Golf is no longer something for the audience, it's a vanity project of the illuminati pretend golfers who want gay men to think they're cool because they are "professional" golfers.

In the broader economy, the Illuminati picks winners and losers even more explicitly. For instance, in the 1990s they also shaped our technology by forcing certain companies out (Apple in the early 1990s) and making us all use inferior products like Microsoft Word (Wordperfect was a superior word processor but lost out becasue the Illuminati used their market force to destroy their company). The illuminati picked Facebook over Friendster. They destroyed music videos even though everyone really enjoyed music videos. They killed induction from Tesla because it threatened their existing electricity technology.

Many of the artificial losers we never hear about because the companies are destroyed before they have any press or advertising. These are usually the most innovative companies, who have ideas that could really shake up the market. The illuminati hates change. When everything is rigged, change means you have to change the rigging. That takes work and the illuminati are incredibly lazy. So the illuminati does whatever they can to suppress innovation.

Even Jeff Bezos is an inferior product. He is a moron who shouldn't be running Amazon. The illuminati decided to place him in that job because of his Satanic heritage and because his family had the money to buy it for him. The technology that Amazon is run on was all stolen from me.

France demonstrates how an illuminati Jewish economy works.

In france you can grow the same grapes they make burgundy with, go through the same process to make it into burgandy wine but the French won't let you call it Burgundy. They won't let any wine created outside of a certain region of France call itself Burgundy. Even if you make the same product, the French won't allow you to call it Burgundy unless it comes from the Burgundy region. Is this the only region that can make Burgundy? No, it's just an artificial decision by the French to protect their aristocratic Jewish illuminati.

The same thing is true with Champagne and every other variety of French wine. The French won't allow you to make specific wines if you do not come from that region. The effect is to create aristocratic businessess which are non-competitive. They don't have to compete - they get an illuminati monopoly to operate certain businesses.

This has lead to massive fraud in the French wine industry as the monopolies take advantage of their position and get cheaper grapes that they then pass off as expensive wine. Just this year French government officials revealed shocking details of a massive fraud that was committed by a major wine bottler in the Rhone, believed to be Raphael Michel, where as much as 15% of all Cotes du Rhone wine was falsely labeled.

France even protects its movie industry. They ban movies from Hollywood. In france, just like China, the theaters are only allowed to play so many American movies a year. If they break these rules they can be fined or shut down. Immediately after the Second World War, France imposed quotas on the importation of American films and reserved a certain number of weeks per screen for French films.

The French spend hundreds of millions of dollars subsidizing film production, extend interest-free loans to designated filmmakers, and have placed quotas not only on imports but on television time. French officials condemned Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park as a "threat to [French] national identity."

In the illuminati system, the Cream never rises. We're given inferior golfers just like we're given inferior computer systems, inferior music and movies.

The illuminati controls these markets globally, so all across the world they're perverting the capitalist markets. They're artificially picking winners and losers. And what are the basis of their selection? -> your rank in their Illuminati Jewish heirarchy and how much money you can spend.

They do not want the market to naturally find its equilibrium. They don't believe in Adam Smith. Adam Smith argued that the hand of the Market should create winners and losers. Freedom allows the best products to be made and found. The cream rises to the top.

Adam Smith's invisible hand is the hand of God. Smith always thought about it that way. That's actually a very good way of thinking about it - it is the hand of God that becomes apparent when people are free - politically and economically. Heaven uses the market to influence the path of humanity. When the market is distorted we are further away from God.

In Contrast the illuminati do not believe in God. They think they're the Gods. They think they are the Kings. They think they are the masters and everyone else is their slave. So the illuminati idiot Gods believe they should make all of our choices for us. They believe they should pick the winners and losers in the economy.