Havard's endowment earned 4.4% over the last 10 years. The market average is 7% a year over the entire life of the market. Over the time period where Harvard earned 4.4 the index 500 rose 6.4. If they had just invested in an index fund - avoiding the 242 million they paid in manager fees - they would have earned an extra 2% on what they made. HARVARD'S ENDOWMENT DRASTICALLY UNDERPEFORMED THE MARKET.

The manager of this endowment decided to use "harvard minds" to do business and help bet on natural resources in emerging markets - one of the riskiest areas with the highest potential for return. They're result - catastrophic failure that sank the rest of their endowment's returns. HARVARD PEOPLE ARE STUPID. They are just rule followers who are B+ students. Anybody who is a real genius leaves.

An exgirlfriend of mine attended Harvard for a semester. She later attended Yale as a graduate student. She said that Harvard was like being in highschool and her Yale epidemiology grad school was like the intro level courses at our college - the New College of Florida. She said that because you get into Harvard, they automatically get a pass. If anybody gets bad grades they complain to their parents who complain to the school so no one ever gets bad grades. The joke is that once you get in, your ticket is punched. You don't have to push yourself anymore, you're in the club now.

2/3rds of the empty seats at Harvard and the rest of the Ivies are reserved for people's whose parents went to Harvard or whatever the school. They say it's 1/3, that's a lie.

Harvard has always been an Illuminati institution. It began as a religious institution. All the Ivey League schools are Illuminati schools (Brown is the least corrupted.).