The school board in Texas has an unnatural influence on all the textbooks in America. They are trying to use America's textbooks to create a new vision of a racist white supremacist America. The illuminati wants them to create text books that lie about our history.

The Texas Board of Education, controlled by Republicans, is trying to rewrite American history and deny basic science like evolution. They are trying to make American education into Catholic illuminati bullshit. The same board try to have Darwin removed from textbooks in 2009.

In 2010 they revised their textbooks to be racist and deny basic realities in America like the existence of Jim Crow laws. The KKK and Jim Crow laws have been revised right out of the history book. Seriously. There's no mention of the Ku Klux Klan, the group that rose up during Reconstruction and was really into racism, white supremacy and those distinctive white sheet costumes. As far as future Texas school children know, none of that happened, and everybody got along swimmingly after the Civil War. In fact, anyone reading these books today will be rather confused. It's hard to make sense of Brown vs. Board of Education, of the Civil Rights movement, of Martin Luther King Jr. and even Ferguson and the South Carolina shootings if you don't know — because it's not mentioned in the textbooks — about the Jim Crow aws that created racial segregation in all public facilities in the South from Reconstruction right up until 1965. And yet, none of this gets a mention.

The 2010 textbooks even maintained that Slavery was not the cause of the Civil War. Board member Pat Hardy claimed that slavery was “a side issue to the Civil War" and somehow she said it and it has appeared, like magic, in the new social studies textbooks. Aside from being an oversimplification of a complicated issue — because there were a ton of issues — it's insane to try and pretend that millions in slavery had nothing to do with the bloodiest war in American history. And yet that's exactly what the books are claiming.

These textbooks will end up being used by school children across the country. That's the thing, in spite of the glaring oversights that appear in these new textbooks, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal to the rest of the country if they weren't going to end up with the exact same textbooks themselves. Texas is the second largest textbook market in the country — after California — so publishers tend to cater to Texas State Board of Education requirements when writing the textbooks.

That was less of an issue before the Textbook Wars got started, but publishers have duly gone along with the State Board of Education and written textbooks with an eye toward meeting the state requirements. Hence why, just as everyone is talking about the Confederate flag and issues of race in the wake of South Carolina, Texas gets to be the state that is going one step further and teaching the whole war to free the slaves as the war of Northern aggression. President Abraham Lincoln is lucky he's in the books at all.