England has long been a place at tension between the Queen of England and a true Democracy. This tension has lead to some really weird fascist tendencies in England, like the Queen of England controls the BBC and England's weird libel laws that make it almost illegal to criticize anyone.

Another extremely fascist aspect of British democracy is that you are not allowed in England to air footage of the British Parliament in action. John Oliver just ran a bit on Brexit and it will never get aired in England because he used footage of the British parliament laughing at Theresa May when she said her Brexit deal would pass. Oliver himself announced that his segement would never get aired in England because he had shown footage of the British Parliament.

This would be equivalent in America to a ban on ever using footage from CSPAN. As Americans this authoritarian orwellianism seems strange and fascist, but the Queen gets away with controlling the media in England. England is still controlled by the Illuminati beause the Queen of England is illuminati as well as the royal family. The Queen looks at England still as her Kingdom and she gets to make up whatever rules she wants to.

It's simply amazing that British people don't demand their freedom from the Fascist Queen. If you can't make fun of Theresa May with a clip of the House of Commons laughing at her, what can you do? The American Founding fathers would be shocked by the continued lack of true freedom in England all of these centuries later. You literally are not allowed to criticize the government in England.

The Queen has long controlled the BBC. When the BBC started and up until the 1990s their LOGO consisted of 4 Nazi lightning bolts. The Queen of England gets to choose who runs the BBC and what they get to say. The reason Jimmy Saville - who is now one of the most notorious pedophiles in English history - was allowed to run his shows on the BBC was because the Queen of England liked him. Prince Charles was best friends with Saville. The Queen started her VIP pedophilia service with Jimmy Saville helping to recruit young children.