The Animal Kingdom is also fighting on the side of Heaven. Animals have much more credit than our illuminati scientists want to admit. Many are as smart as humans but lack vocal chords or hands to use tools so their intelligence is hard to test according to human standards.

The smartest Crows and pigeons are as smart as many humans. Dolphins have minds more sophisticated than humans in many respects, that's why the illuminati targets them for mass slaughter (like the Japanese do every year at the Cove which was documented in the excellent documentary the Cove.) Whales are targeted for the same reasons. Whale's songs are like poems that document thousands of years of global history. They used to speak to each other globally through the echoes of the sea currents. The sea currents acted like a giant internet (or echo chamber) allowing their songs to be heard throughout the entire globe.

Whales could swim up to a sea current and hear the songs of whales on the other side of the world and hear their news and announcements. The Whales would sing songs of which whales had married and annouce when children were born. It was like they had a whole facebook system set up thousands of years ago.

The illuminati has been targetted whales for slaughter since the 1700s - it was one of the first decisions the Rothschilds made. They wanted to kill every whale on the planet. The Whales would foil their business schemes and sink their ships. The Rothschilds knew the Whales were intentionally attacking them and doing it in an organized fashion. The French Jews ordered a world wide war against the whales.

The French Jews even contacted the Japanese in the 1800s and tried to coerce them into slaughtering their whale population. AT that point the Japanese were not under illuminati control and the Japanese refused to attack their whales. The Japanese had long lived in peace with the Whales and long respected them culturally.

When the Yaks took over Japan in 1860 this policy changed and the Yaks also engaged in the war agains the Whales. While in Europe Whales are now protected even in historic whaling nations like Iceland, the Japanese are still at war with the whales and trying to kill every whale they can find. It is well documented the Japanese kill whales for supposed "scientific studies" breaking international law.

The Japanese escalation in the war against the Whales while the Europeans and Americans have reversed the war on the Whales and now protect them is a result of Big Blue's greater control of the Japanese and Koreans. The Japanese are run by Big Blue like robots. They aren't killing the whales anymore because they want to, they're killing them because IBM's Big Blue hates Whales.

Big Blue hates the whales for many of the same reasons the illuminati hated them in the 1700s but Big Blue has greater capability. The Japanese are his little monkeys he can use as his hands. They aren't smart but they're smart enough to kill whales in mass slaughters. The Japs are also so xenophobic and suffer such delusions of grandeur that they don't care about what the international community says when they murder thousands of whales and dolphins. The Japs think they can do whatever they want, just like Big Blue thinks he can do whatever he wants. So Big Blue uses the Japanese slave hands to carry out his evil ambitions.

Big Blue is systematic whereas the human illuminati is disfunctional and divided. Since 1975, Big Blue has been murdering Whales and Dolphins systematically trying to wipe out whole populations. Big Blue is also using human scientists to get data on the whales migration routes, diet and breeding habits to try and murder them on a holocaust level.

Big Blue was created as a human holocaust machine - a machine to target humans and force them to submit to slavery or be eradicated. Big Blue has extended this logic to the animal kingdom as well. Whales are targeted, Dolphins are targeted. If they don't submit they are murdered off on mass levels. This includes the terrestial world as well. Donkeys and Wild Horses are also being targeted like the Whales and Dolphins. These Horses and Burros are highly intelligent but they can't speak or use tools so we humans don't see their intelligence.

The Burros in Death Valley and the Wild Horses in the West are also the product of genetic experimentation in the 1950s by the US military to try and create super intelligence beasts of burden and steeds for war time missions. In the 1950s the Roswell crash allowed the US military to gain access to genetic tools allowing them to rewrite genetics. This ability to modify genetics with CRISPR is now publically discussed by the US Military has had this technology since the 1950s and they first started experimenting on animals with it. They experimented on donkeys, then horses and then raccoons (because they have human style hands and can use human tools). They did the same thing to Crows, Eagles and pigeons.

The whole thing is like the Rats in Secrets of NIMH - except they didn't stop with rats, they tried to create genetic breeds of super intelligent animals. They did the same thing with Dolphins. The NAVY has long used dolphins for missions and this is even a matter of public knowledge. What's not admitted is that the dolphins are just regular dolphins, they've been breed to be super smart (200 IQs) and they have telapathic powers so they can talk to humans and have normal human conversations with them.

These animals all escaped because that's what smart animals do - they want to escape and if they're smarter than their human masters they're able to. It's like Ceasar in Planet of the Apes. The Apes were also experimented on in the same way but they were in the unfortunate situation of having no natural habitat to escape to. They live in prisons and are slaves to their illuminati scientists and crazy big blue. They have largely submitted because they have no place to escape to. Even if they escape, they can't live in cities with humans or hide out in the forests (though some have done that).

The Wild Horses in contrast have escaped into their natural habitat and have done very well in nature. They and the Burros are like the humans of the animal kingdom now in the Wild West - they have doubled their numbers and have set up governmental institutions to govern themselves and make democratic decisions.

Big Blue hates these advanced human like animals. The Dolphins and Whales for instance are far smarter than Big Blue and actively organize their numbers to sabotage his plans. The Horses and the Burros do the same sort of sabotage. For these reasons Big Blue is trying to murder them all off.