The Illuminati can use the satelite system they set up during Star Wars in the 1980s to modify the temperature of locations on Earth. All Gore began in the late 90s to push "global warming" which was really just the Illuminati using their satellites to fake warming in certain areas of the world. In the late 1990s, Gore strongly pushed for the passage of the Kyoto Protocol, which called for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. After he had been the poster child for Global Warming for a decade, Al Gore put out his book in 2006.

Al Gore is Illuminati skull and bones. He had a journalist background and he was the son of a famous governor and a political dynasty in the South so they chose him to release the book to create the myth of Global Warming. They are actually melting the polar ice caps with it right now. They can rechannel the sun's energy and change the temperature whenever they want.

All of our scientists are illuminati now and they have corrupted the entire scientific process. The idea of peer review is a good idea but it has been used to corrupt science. The idea behind peer review is that your peers look at your experiments and analysis and improve upon it leading to greater scientific knowledge. Unfortunately, the secret society nature of the illuminati has allowed the illuminati to gain control of almost all the scientists with the result being that peer review has become a way for the illuminati to block any science they do not agree with.

Global warming is fake. The illuminati created all the science behind it. The earth is warming but that's because the Nemesis star system which inlcudes Nibiru is approaching earth. The illuminati created Global Warming mostly to hide the fact that Nibiru was coming and in 2025 will strike earth.

90% of the science we're told about in the public is false Illuminati propaganda. Meanwhile the journals who decide which scientific papers are sufficiantly peer reviewed and important are refusing to publish major scientific discoveries. For example, economist George A. Akerlof's seminal paper, "The Market for Lemons," which introduced the concept of "asymmetric information" (how decisions are influenced by one party having more information), was rejected several times before it could be published. Akerlov was later awarded the Nobel Prize for this and other later work. Three of the top medical journals rejected 14 out 14 of the top-cited articles of all time in the medical discipline.

The reason this is happening is that the illuminati is blocking certain avenues of research. They don't want important discoveries to be made. The medical journals are some of the worst since they combine science and the medical field which are both controlled by the illuminati.

Global Warming as a myth also gives the illuminati other ways to screw over people. For instance, the illuminati is using their weather satellite system to destroy agricultural areas in South America and then require them to use new crops designed by Monsanto.

This is what they're doing in El Salvador right now with their coffee farms. The Illuminati is creating unseasonal droughts that have never been known in the area. This leads to their crops dying. And then Monsanto comes in and says they have drought resistant crops that will solve the problem. Once Monsanto gets all the farmers to use their bio-engineered plants they will forever have them at their mercy.

When Monsanto comes into an area and convinces the farmers to switch to their Bio-engineered crops, the variety of plants has now been reduced and should a pest be introduced that targets the Monsanto plants, all the crops will die at once. And Monsanto not only bio-engineers plants, they bio-engineer pests as well. If they Illuminati wants them to, they can decimate their new coffee plants anytime they want. Not only can this be used as coercion by the Illuminati but they can also manipulate commodity markets this way. Soybean commodities are all manipulated by the Illuminati through Monsanto. Monsanto can cause scarcity whenever they want in their bio-engineered crops.

Global Warming is being used as a front to do thinks like destroy our coal mining communities. Global warming is only an illuminati Hoax. The NWO is using it for a variety of purposes - to cover up the approach of Niburu, to destroy America's economy and as a way to cover their plan to flood out most of America.

The illuminati is using Global Warming to cover up what's happenign as Nemesis approaches. They are using the odd weather patterns created by Nemisis' approach to claim the earth is warming. They then use their weather system to fake warm readings for scientists who don't even realize their data is being manipulated by the illuminati.

Niburu is not causing the earth to heat up. Niburu is causing Volcanoes and Earthquakes as the gravitational forces shift. Gravitation doesn't change the heat though and doesn't cause hurricanes and tornadoes or forest fires - these things are being caused by the illuminati as they use their gigantic star wars mirror system in space to increase temperatures in certain places on Earth.

The illuminati ultimately wants to melt the solar ice caps to redefine the coastline of America and the rest of the World. They want to create instability as refugees along the coasts are forced to leave their land and find new homes. As you can see in the map below, Florida will be gone and most of the cities along the Missisippi river will be flooded out. Nevada and all the Native American reservations in the west will become a big lake.

This apocalytic scenario is never going to happen. Once I am freed and once Bernie Sanders wins in 2020, we will stop the US from using the Star Wars system to disrupt weather world wide. From 2025, the only weird weather will be the volcanoes and earthquakes caused by Niburu's approach.