The Illuminati is trying to destroy our environment in a lot of different ways. They pretend to be progressive but really they are trying to make life unbearable on Earth. They want to make Earth into a horrid ghetto while they go live in Space Colonies on the Moon and Mars. Besides actively trying to destroy our environmental resources world wide, the Illuminati are also creating wars and poverty thoughout the Middle East and Africa (and elsewhere) in order to destroy the environment and cause refugee crises. They want earth to be the ghetto home of slaves. Their vision is very much like that movie Elysium.

Trees are the most important part of our environment because they clean the air and the water. The Illuminati has always been behind the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Deforestation has dramatically intensified recently, this is because of the Illuminati. They are funding the deforestation projects. They even set up a rainforest buyback program run by a European that was later shown to be a fraud a scam. The money was being embezzled and was never used to buy forest. The Illuminati intentionally discredited rainforest buyback programs because they don't want people in the west using their money to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Even the company Amazon was named Amazon so that in google searches it's harder to find stories about deforestation in the Amazon. If you search for Amazon and Rainforest now your first results are Amazon.com products with rainforest in their names. That's how the Illuminati obscures issues, they often try and hijack search terms.