Alexander Dumas was half African. The French officially say he was 1/4 African but really he was the son of a Jewish woman and an African Slave. Dumas grew up as an outsider reflected in his stories like the Count of Monte Christo.

Dumas articulated one of the best versions of French Honor and Patriotism in his books like the 3 musketeers. Whereas philosophers like Descartes articulated principles and grand theories to justify liberty and fraternity, Dumas' books made those ideas real for people.

Dumas' father was a key figure in the French revolutionary war itself - becoming a General and the highest military officer of African descent in any European army ever. The Three Musketeers is a based on the story of Dumas' father's life. Because of Dumas' African ancestry, the French have had trouble recognizing the importance of these books for France's self of national identity and values. The books have been treated as adventure novels when really they are much much more than that.

The illiuminati French have a love hate relationship with Alexander Dumas. They love his stories but they hate that he was part African and not "pure" French. They have worked to undermine his legacy and story though his novels are so iconic that they can't suppress his work entirely.

One giant way they have suppressed Dumas' story is by obscuring that Alexandre Dumas was the son of Thomas-Alexander Dumas - a general in the French Revolutionary war who rivaled Napoleon in power during the Napoleonic period.

Thomas-Alexandre Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie also known as Alexandre Dumas (25 March 1762 – 26 February 1806) was a general in Revolutionary France and the highest-ranking man of mixed African descent ever in a European army. He was the first person of color in the French military to become brigadier general, the first to become divisional general, and the first to become general-in-chief of a French army.

Thomas-Alexandre was the son of the Marquis Alexandre Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie, a white French nobleman and Marie-Cessette Dumas, an enslaved woman of African descent. He was born into slavery because of his mother's status but was also born into nobility because of his father's. His father took the boy with him to France in 1776 and had him educated. Slavery was illegal in metropolitan France and thus any slave would be freed de facto by being in the country. His father helped Thomas-Alexandre enter the French military.

Dumas played a pivotal role in the French Revolutionary Wars. Entering the military as a private at age 24, Dumas rose by age 31 to command 53,000 troops as the General-in-Chief of the French Army of the Alps. Dumas's strategic victory in opening the high Alps passes enabled the French to initiate their Second Italian Campaign against the Austrian Empire. During the battles in Italy, Austrian troops nicknamed Dumas as the Schwarzer Teufel ("Black Devil," Diable Noir in French). The French—notably Napoleon—nicknamed him "the Horatius Cocles of the Tyrol"[6] (after a hero who had saved ancient Rome) for single-handedly defeating a squadron of enemy troops at a bridge over the Eisack River in Clausen (today Klausen, or Chiusa, Italy).

Dumas served as commander of the French cavalry forces on the Expédition d’Égypte, a failed French attempt to conquer Egypt and the Levant. On the march from Alexandria to Cairo, he clashed verbally with the Expedition's supreme commander Napoleon Bonaparte, under whom he had served in the Italian campaigns. In March 1799, Dumas left Egypt on an unsound vessel, which was forced to put aground in the southern Italian Kingdom of Naples, where he was taken prisoner and thrown into a dungeon. He languished there until the spring of 1801.

During his time in prison his guards poisoned him resulting in the loss of sight in one eye and general ill health. After he finally gained release in 1801, Dumas was not awarded "the pension normally allocated to the widows of generals" by the French government and he struggled to support his family after his return to France.

Dumas repeatedly wrote to Napoleon Bonaparte, seeking back-pay for his time lost in Taranto and a new commission in the military. He died of stomach cancer on 26 February 1806 in Villers-Cotterêts. At his death his son Alexandre was three years and seven months old. The boy, his sister, and his widowed mother were plunged into deeper poverty. Marie-Louise Labouret Dumas worked in a tobacconist's shop to make ends meet. For lack of funds, the young Alexandre Dumas was unable to get even a basic secondary education. Marie-Louise persistently lobbied the French government to be paid her military widow's pension. Marie-Louise and the young Alexandre blamed Napoleon Bonaparte's "implacable hatred" for their poverty.

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Napoleon not only stole the crystals and robbed the great pyramid of light, he cut the nose of the Great Sphinx. Napoleon was angry that he didn't find his super weapon, so he cut off the Sphyinx's nose. Thomas-Alexander Dumas refused to participate in destroying the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, which is why Napoleon turned on him and imprisoned him.

Returning to France after his release, Thomas-Alexander Dumas and his wife - who was also half slave - had a son, Alexandre Dumas, who became one of France's most widely read authors of all time. Alexandre Dumas Junior's most famous characters were inspired by his father's life - the Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Christo.