Angela Merkel has governned Germany in the worst way possible for the last 13 years of her power. She took over Germany soon after reunification and has been unable to fix any of the problems of Eastern German sociery while at the same time overseeing a catastrophicly naive immigration plan that has lead to the rise of the Neo-Nazi AfD in Germaby.

Merkel herself is an east german. People assume she's smart because she was a physicist in East Germany. Those people should ask themselves why no other country in a democracy is run by a physicist. Physicist's are prone to being airheads and impractical. Physics itself is pretty fanciful now with Einstein relativity theory and Quantum Paradoxes. Physicists are not the best people to run countries - they are inclined to be naive and impractical, which is exactly what Merkel is. Merkel thought that having unrestricted immigration from the Middle East was an obvious good - but now it's leading to the rise of the New Nazis.

Merkel's position as a physicist also doesn't really indicate much about her intelligence in a communist country. University positions in Communist countries are not handed out to the most inquisitive or productive professors, but to those who show the greatest loyalty to the communist party. Merkel was never smart, she's always been an idiot who served her masters well. She was a Stasi spy before she even became a physicist.

In the famous Gunter Grass Novel about the Drum, there's a giant, huge German woman dressed in a skirt who all the german men run under. They literally hide under her skirt for a good portion of the novel. Angela Merkel is that German woman in the novel, but she's an idiot and a bumbler. She's a fool and a stumbler. She is burning Germany down while acting like a space cadet.

Right now in most of East Germany they have a remarkably lower standard of living than in Eastern Germany and even worse, many of the women have left Eastern German (the most attractive ones) and left to find husbands in Western Germany so they can have a better standard of living. Eastern Germans are still a separate class in Germany, they are made fun of for how they dress and their accents. Anyone can tell where someone is from in Germany based on their accents - german accents, like their sausages are all very different.

This leads to an invisible sort of prejudice based upon how people speak. East Germans are treated like mexican laborers in Los Angeles - they are cheap labor and have no opportunities for opporunities for education or advancement. East German companies were all taken over by the West Germans after reunification. The West Germans came over and essentially colonized East Germany and now treat the East Germans as second class citizens in their own country. That's why the Neo Nazi AfD has become so powerful in Eastern Germany.

Really, the West Germans look at the East Germans as OTHER still. The German culture is so xenophobic they think of Eastern Germans as not really German. They also look down upon them as having essentially been captured by Russia -- they are the losers who got taken. So Western Germany has made little effort to improve Eastern Germany's economy or build up their local businesses. The result of Merkel's policies is that the people who live in Eastern Germany feel like they no longer have a government that represents them.

Really the problems of Eastern Germany shouldn't be so extreme. They were only under Soviet occupation for 50 years. That's at best 2 generations. They've been reunified already for 20 - for one generation. If the economic discrepancy between East and West wasn't so great, they probably would have been able to get over their regional snobbism, but the economic exploitation of the West really wrecked East Germany's economy.

Meanwhile, Merkel has opened up the flood gates of migration from Islamic countries. The local East Germans are getting swamped with a whole new issue of cultural difference and competition with immigrants who have a very foreign outlook on life. Islamic immigrants are very difficult for Germans to integrate - the Turks have lived in Western Germany for 100 years and still are not integrated into Germany. Germany is by nature xenophobic like Japan and then they're dealing with immigrants competing for jobs while their economic situation is already highly anxious.

The Nazi's had a social model they used to create Nazi Germany. Hannah Arend and Freud the two architects of the Nazi philosophical vision described the social transformation in terms of making the men anxious about their economic situation. When they are anixious, offer them a new adventure (a new cause like the Nazi cause). Then increase the anxiety by entering into war so now the adventurous men have their whole families on the line. Once men are in that situation, they can be forced to become criminals --> they will naturally participate in something like the Holocaust.

The Nazi model was essentially about how to turn a country from a normal one where people will not do horrific acts like Kill their neighbors into a country where people will burn their neighbors houses, force them into ghettos, and then gas them. The Nazis created the sociological and pychological model to enable the creation of the NAZI as a willing participant. People naturally do not commit crimes like the Holocaust, the Nazis came up with a technique of creating CRIMINAL MAN as they called him. The illuminati created the Nazis and this recipe to create a NAIZ: MAN + ANXIETY => ADVENTUROUS MAN + RISK OF DEATH OF FAMILY AND SELF => CRIMINAL MAN.

That formula is exactly what the illuminati are trying to do in Germany again right now and that's why we have the NEO NAZI - AfD Party's rise in Germany. The formula now being demonstrated in Eastern Germany is: economic anxiety + racism and islamaphobia => ADVENTUROUS MAN. The illuminati attempted a couple of years ago to up that threat to also attack the family by having muslims who had been allowed to immigrate attack German women and physically assault them or rape them. There was a coordinated attack around 2 years ago on New Years when a bunch of Muslim men attacked German women and young girls.

It should be common sense that something weird was going on with that attack. How do you get muslims all through out Germany to attack women on one night? They hadn't had anything ever happen like that before. It was obviously an illuminati decision. The illuminati gets to pick the muslims they want to immigrate into Germany - they aren't just random Muslim immigrants, they are illuminati spies. Most of the immigrants aren't spies, like most of the latino's in America aren't illuminati spies, but a good portion are. The illuminati wants to make it difficult for countries that allow for open immigration. The illuminati thinks everyone should be a slave and there should be no immigration without illuminati approval.

Merkel is really just the stooge of the illuminati who want to create a highly combustible combination of people in Germany so that they can create an new Nazi Movement in and get a new Fuhrer into Germany.

So far though, this plan has been a failure. Most Germans did not blame Islam and all muslims for the attacks. The AfD is rising in Germany but they are still a minority. Niburu is coming in 2025 so they don't really have much time to take over.