There are a lot of scientologists in Europe who hide they are scientologists like Angela Merkel. Merkel for most of her life lived in fascist Eastern Europe. Angela was a stassi spy for the Russians. That is why she is so close to Vladimir Putin.

Merkel has been a scientologist since the 1970s. Merkel is also a practicing black witch even though she doesn't have any magical powers. Merkel is one of the most stupid politicians the illuminati has. She is literally very mentally retarded. She likes to make spells and potions from her witch books even though they never do anything. Merkel likes to be part of clubs like the illuminati, the Stassi, the Communists, the CDU, Witch Covens, Scientology. She is extremely stupid and extremely social.

Scientology first became popular in West Germany during the 1970s. That's when Merkel got introduced to it while growing up in Stassi East Germany. Today Germany has the second largest group of scientologists in the world behind the US.

Scientology was particularily popular in Communist Eastern Germany because it was not considered a religion and thus not banned by the anti-religious Eastern German state. Scientology was able to pass itself off as psycho therapy and not a religious cult so they weren't banned by Eastern Germany or the Russian master state. Scientology was really big in East Germany as Angela was growing up and forming her identity.

In 2007 some Germans tried to ban scientology in Germany. In Germany NAZI imagery is banned and Nazi rhetoric is not protected by free speech. They wanted to do the same thing to Scientology which is just a weird version of Nazism anyway. Senior politicians from Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition rejected calls for the ban on Scientology because they are all scientologists.


Some other closeted scientologists include Bradley Cooper, Sergio Ramos, Diega Da Costa, Jack White, Ronaldo and Vladimir Putin.

Scientologists are the worst of the illuminati. They have drunken the cult cool-aid and bought the lies completely. Scientologists are all deluded before they join the Cult of Scientology and then the cult makes them more deluded. Scientologists murder children, think they can fly, think they are Gods who deserve to rule over everyone else.

Scientology has always been just another front for the Illuminati. Look at how L Ron Hubbard's Dianetics has a pyramid image on the bottom left of the cover page.

Scientology is just a weird version of the illuminati core beliefs - just like the OTO which became more popular than Scientology. Both were started at the same time to provide different flavors of the satanic illuminati cult since people were leaving the Satanic catholic church at the time.