Jews like to take credit for the bagel but really it was the Poles who invented the bagel in the 1800s. They were partially known as Poles because they would dry the bagels on Poles after boiling them before baking them. Bagels are boiled and then baked which was something they invented in Poland.

Poland invented much of Slavic cuisine that uses boiling. They had a lot of trouble with contamination so boiling was a safe way to make sure parasites were eliminated. That lead to someone experimenting with boiling bread and then baking it - which is not something that most people would ever think about. That's what bagels are, they are boiled and then baked. They don't have the same chewey nature of they are just baked.

After WWII, the Rothschilds decided to make Bagels theirs and covered up the true origin of Bagels and said that they were a Jewish creation. Many of the Poles who ate bagels were Jewish, but it did not originate in the Polish Jewish community. It was just something that the bakers of Poland who were primarily Catholic started doing.

The illuminati murdered many Catholics in Poland. That's why they made a Polish Cardinal Pole with John Paul the II. John Paul the II actually helped murder most of the good Catholics in Poland during the Holocaust. He worked at a Concentration Camp during WWII. One of the Illuminati's objectives with the Holocaust was to murder good Catholics in Poland because they were not loyal to the illuminati Church in Italy.

Stealing the bagels was kind of fuck you to the Catholic Polish community. The Rothschilds thought it was a sign of their power that they could not only genocidally wipe out the Catholic Poles but also take bagels - one of their most famous creations - from them. Ever since WWII, Rothschilds have opened bagel places especially in NYC where many think the bagel originated. The Rothschilds presented bagels as part of Jewish baking but they don't boil any other types of bread, they obviously stole the technique from someone else.