I don't agree with Donald Trump on many things, but he was correct to bring up Germany and the EU's dependency on Russian oil and Gas. Spending billions on Russian oil props up Vladimir Putin's Petro-Oligarchy and it also decreases Europe's security in a conflict with Russia.

Germany is completely dependant upon Russia for their energy. Berlin has given political support to the building of a new, $11-billion pipeline to bring Russian gas across the Baltic Sea called Nord Stream 2, despite qualms among other EU states. This pipeline was opposed by not only the Trump administration but also the Obama administration for the same reasons - it makes Germany dependant upon Russia for their energy which is in conflict with the mission of NATO.

As Trump correctly pointed out, "when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia.... We're supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia." "We're protecting Germany, we're protecting France, we're protecting all of these countries. And then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia where they're paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia. .... that's very inappropriate," Trump said in Brussels.

"Germany will have almost 70 percent of their country controlled by Russia with natural gas. You tell me, is that appropriate? If you look at it, Germany is a captive of Russia. They got rid of their coal plants, they got rid of their nuclear, they’re getting so much of their oil and gas from Russia. I think it is something NATO has to look at. It is very inappropriate.” I don't agree with Trump on much but he is correct about the fundamental problem with Europe's dependance upon Russia for energy.

Germany is indeed Russia’s biggest export market in Europe for gas, with a dependency that may grow further once Nord Stream 2 is finished. The project would roughly double Russia’s export volume via the Baltic route that goes through the original Nord Stream pipeline.

Over the next few decades, Europe’s own gas resources — which accounted for more than a third of its supplies in 2016 — are expected to gradually disappear. (Britain, Norway and the Netherlands are Western and Northern Europe’s biggest producers, primarily relying on natural gas fields in the North Sea.)

Nations such as Poland and Ukraine also fear that Russia may be diversifying its gas routes into Europe to be able to exploit its grid for political and military reasons. In June 2014, amid the fallout over the Russian annexation of Crimea months earlier, Russia cut off Ukraine’s gas supplies for weeks in what Kiev said was an attempt to blackmail Ukraine. E.U. pressure on Russia helped to eventually solve the conflict, as powerful member states in Western Europe grew concerned that the supply disruption might have ripple effects across the continent.

Ukraine and parts of eastern Europe fear their partners to the west may be much less vocal next time if they receive their natural gas through a different set of pipelines, allowing Russia to cut off its unruly neighbors with impunity.

The Pipeline project has long been mired in political controversy. In 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s friend Schroeder - then German Chancellor - hastily signed the deal to build it just as he was departing the office from which he had been voted out days earlier. Within weeks, he started to oversee the project implementation himself, leading the Nord Stream AG’s shareholder committee.

Schroeder went on to become a board member of several consortia in which Russian government-controlled energy company Gazprom is at least the majority shareholder. Most recently, he became chairman of Rosneft, which is Russia’s largest oil company and controlled by the Kremlin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not shown any willingness to halt the controversial pipeline project. Her defense is that the project is a private venture even though she had acknolwedged the obvious political importance of Germany and Europe's dependency on Russia for its oil and gas.

People forget that Merkel grew up in Soviet/Russian controlled East Germany. She grew up in the Russian system and her coziness with Putin's way of doing business is a sign of that. Merkel was a stassi spy in East Germany - she has always worked for the Russians. Since East and West Germany united, the Eastern German cooperativeness with fascist Russia has only increased. Merkel's job was to help control Germany for Russia.

Merkel took over from Shroeder in 2005. While Shroeder is literally working with Russian companies and Outin while managing Putin's pipeline, Merkel is making sure that Germany follows Russia's lead politically. Merkel herself is a mini tyrant who is so befuddled and brainless that her tyrannical nature is often dismissed or forgotten. Merkel has been running Germany as "Chancellor" -- the same position Hitler held -- for 13 years now. THAT'S A LONG TIME. If Trump was president for 13 years people would be revolting in the streets but Merkel is so boring no one in illuminati controlled Europe raises an eyebrow while she's destroying the EU.

Germany uses Russia like their thugs to accomplish the illuminati New World Order. Putin created the refugee crisis by using chemical weapons in Syria and else where in the middle east. Putin is murdering people in London to try and intimidate the British people for the Illuminati New World Order. Putin is destroying America's political process for the illuminati New World Order. Putin is basically the NWO's main thug. Him and the Saudi Arabians.

Vladimir Putin sprayed Russian Nerve gas on the Syrian people. Russian violattion of the Geneva convention created much of the refugee crisis that has caused an influx of refugees into Europe. At the same time that Putin created the refugee crisis, Merkel opened Europe's borders without any forsight or planning. The wave of migrants has destablized Europe's ruling parties and resulted in a wave of fascism that has come over Europe.

Italy has turned full fascist and is drawing up lists of Roma, forcibly expelling them and secretly murdering them in WWII style concentration camps. Austria has gone full facsist as well and reinvigorated the Nazi mythology. The birthplace of Adolf Hitler is now Nazi again and they are created a culture that promotes Nazism throughout Europe.

While Merkel has had de facto leadership of the EU, England has announced Brexit - largely because of anti-immigrant sentiment that orginated because of Merkel's open borders policies. Literally, Merkel has split England off from the rest of the EU. While BREXIT is being hammered out, the EU is completely unable to come to terms with England and a hard BREXIT with no agreement is quickly approaching.

Spain meanwhile has had a near civil war crisis as Catalonia attempts to separate itself from fascist controlled Madrid. Spain was a fascist country under Franco until 1978. They have now gone completely backwards and regressed into a worse fascism than under Franco. 16 former Catalan government ministers and separatist leaders are abroad or in prison. And what was their crime? ---> Wanting to have a democratic voice.

While civil war nearly engulfs Spain and the Catalan Presidential candidate is forced out of the country and Madrid declares martial law in Spain and forcibly halts an election where the Catalonia sought their independence, EUROPE DOES NOTHING... the EU does nothing..... Merkel says nothing.... Macron says nothing.... May says nothing... Europe is literally watching while people are being denied basic civil rights of self determination and the fascist Europeans are letting it happen.

France itself nearly went Fascist when Le Pen almost won the election. If Macron - who himself is a more Merkel technocratic illuminati fascist - came out of nowhere to steal the election, France everted a public turn to Nazi era fascism. Despite that, France has a turbelent minority that is full committed to fascist ideology like Le Pen and her father. Meanwhile Macron is quickly crashing and burning in his Presidency that is riddled with corruption problems.

Even the far nordic countries like Sweden and Norway are seeing a ring swing to fascism. A surge in gang violence has stirred anti-immigration sentiment before an election in Sweden, putting a far-right party on course for big gains in one of Europe's most liberal countries. Support has risen for the Sweden Democrats, a party with neo-Nazi roots that wants to freeze immigration and to hold a referendum on Sweden's membership of the European Union.

Germany - the birthplace of the Nazi machine - is turning fascist as well with Merkel increasingly losing her grip on power. Merkel has done a complete about face on her open borders policy. The fascist side of German politics represented by Bavaria and Seehofer now control German politics. Immigration has become a problem and Germany is both politically and culturally returning to their fascist roots.

German Bavaria - the economic powerhouse of Germany where they make BMW's Mercedes and Porshes - literally borders Austria. Culturally, Catholic Bavaria shares more with Catholic Conservative Austria than it does with the rest of Germany. So now essentially the Austria/Bavarian Nazis are running both Germany and Austria as they did when Hitler annexed Austria for Germany.

Austria's interior minister, who is a member of the Nazi-linked Austrian Freedom Party, suggested "concentrating" refugees into special centers. Many were outraged that a member of a Nazi-linked party would invoke terminology used in the Holocaust.

The reality is that Germany and by exstension continental Europe - are our enemies like Germany was in the previous two world wars and they are now allying up with Russia - who is also our enemy and has been since the end of WWII. They are two sides of the illuminati. Germany are the techno-elite mobster illuminatis and Putin is the thug side --- the Hitler version of the illuminati. Merkel and Macron want Europe to became a dictatorship like Russia. That's why they are cozying up to Putin and supporting him. Merkel's techno babble created a refugee crisis that has shattered the EU.

We need a new Nato where fake Nato contries like Germany and France are forced out. We need to protect countries like Poland, Lithuania, the other Balkan and Baltic states. These countries have lived under Russian tyranny and they understand the value of freedom. They and England are our main allies in Europe. Germany, Italy, France and Spain are fascist illuminati NWO countries who are really allying with Russia, they just won't admit it.

Germany has long allied itself with Russia in underground ways. Deutsche bank has laundered money for the Russian mob since the early 1990s. Deutsch Bank work closely with Russia's organized crime families to launder their money for them. That is the reason they've been implicated in Donald Trump's troubles with the Russians.

Deutsche Bank is currently under investigation for a fraudelent scheme they operated for Russian Oligarchs that allowed them to avoid the Sanctions that we placed on Russia in 2014. These are the same sanctions that the meeting at Trump tower with Donny Jr was supposedly all about. Deutsche Bank created a money-laundering scheme designed to allow oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin and Putin to dodge sanctions imposed on them by the US in the wake of the 2014 Ukraine crisis.

Trump's relationship with the massive German bank dates back roughly 20 years and has taken many twists and turns. The president's association with the German bank was born in the late 1990s, when major Wall Street firms would no longer loan Trump money following a series of disastrous ventures such as the Trump Shuttle and Trump's Atlantic City casinos.

Due to his bankruptcies Trump ended up seeking Russian Mob Money to finance his deals. Deutsche Bank was the front the Russian Mob did business through. Donald Trump's dealings with Deutsche Bank began as the Russian Mob was taking over NYC and Trump relied about them as his last source of funding.

Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank began in 1998, when a group of real-estate bankers gave Trump a $125 million loan for renovations to his 40 Wall Street property. Deutsche Bank's real estate business had only been in operation for a year at that point, so the group, led by Mike Offit, was willing to take a risk on Trump, who was essentially blacklisted by the major Wall Street firms, Bloomberg reported.

Deutsche Bank soon financed the construction of Trump World Tower in New York City near the United Nations and backed his failed bid at redeveloping the site of the New York Coliseum, Bloomberg wrote.

The bank provided Trump with a $640 million construction loan in 2005 to assist him in building the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. But the project neared completion right as the financial crisis hit.

That led to Trump suing a group of lenders led by Deutsche Bank for $3 billion, rather than repay part of the loan when its due date came. Trump used what was an unusual defense, known as "force majeure," which allows for an extension to pay back a loan under extraordinary circumstances. Trump claimed the financial crisis was the equivalent of a "once-in-a-century credit tsunami" and similar to an earthquake.

Deutsche Bank countersued Trump, and the two parties later settled. They continued doing business together after the settlement.

Deutsche Bank also lends to Trump's family, including most prominently his son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Prior to Trump's election as president last fall, his financial disclosures showed he held roughly $360 million in debt to the bank, with about $125 million in two mortgages for one of the president's major Florida golf courses, Trump National Doral, The Washington Post reported.

Trump's debt to Deutsche Bank also included loans for Trump's Chicago building and the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

That became a major issue prior to Trump's taking office as ethicists and others demanded that he sever himself from his businesses and financial entanglements. The bank sought to restructure Trump's debt, but as Bloomberg reported, that effort stalled in late March.

At the same time, Deutsche Bank was under investigation by the Justice Department for both its role in a "mirror trading" scheme with Russian oligarchs that allowed them to launder cash out of Russia in the face of US sanctions, and for its mortgage practices amid the financial crisis, which regulators sought a $14 billion fine for. Deutsche Bank ended up settling with the government on the mortgage front for $7.2 billion just days before Trump took office in January.