Long before Christopher Columbus rediscovered America for Europe, Leif Ericson and the Vikings were not only discovering America but making a home in Vineland, as they called it. Leif didn't just run into America and then leave never to return, he set up colonies in America and brought native Americans from America's eastcoast back with him to Iceland.

In contrast to the Spanish, the Vikings were interested in trade, not subjugation. They took no slaves, though some native Americans became part of Viking ships because they wanted to say the corners of the world. When the Vikings arrived in America they looked upon the Native Americans as their equals. They saw Native American culture as a great warrior culture with an great traditions.

According to history, Erikson converted to Christianity in 1000 AD, this is a lie the illuminati have spread. Leif was a believer in the druidic gods to the day he died. He never practiced human sacrifice like the Spanish. Iceland didn't even worship Odin as a God because the true druids had retreated to Iceland when the satanic dark norse took over Europe.

Leif wasn't the first Viking to discover America. Leif himself was following stories of Icelandic traders who had already stumbled upon America by accident. Leif was different because he made it his life's work to find America (Vinland) and to make it a colony of Iceland. He set up trade routes so that the trip to America was realistic and could reoccur over generations.

The Vikiings lived in America for over 300 years. Leif himself was looking for Vinland as a place to escape the growing menace of the Catholic Church and the illuminati. Leif was looking for a place where the druids could resettle from Europe as Christianity spread westword under the Catholic illuminati Church.