The Germans are almost as xenophobic as the Japanese - which of course lead to them trying to exterminate half of their population during Hitler's days.

Post WWII the Germans instituted a policy of bringing in Turks to be manual laborers and do the jobs in Germany the Germans wouldn't do. These Turks, some of them third generation now are still not German Citizens.

More Turks live in Germany than anywhere else outside Turkey. Germany started to invite Turkish citizens to work in the country in the 1960s as it was facing a severe labor shortage, and many Turks subsequently moved to Germany as temporary "guest workers." They ended up never leaving. About 3m people of Turkish descent currently live in Germany.

Many German politicians now doubt the loyalty of their country's largest minority. "Citizens have to pledge allegiance to the state in which they live," demands Volker Kauder, the majority whip in the Bundestag. But many Turks blame German politics for their lack of integration. For decades after Turkey started sending "guest workers" to man German factories, politicians maintained the fiction that these Turks would one day go home, doing nothing to integrate them.

Despite living in Germany for generations now, many Turkish immigrants are still not allowed to vote in Germany and about half of all Turkish immigrants do not have German citizenship.

The Germans make it extremely hard to get citizenship. You can't just be born in Germany and become a citizen. Even if you live there your whole life you can't become a citizen. The Turks are the largest minority in Germany and are treated like African-Americans during Jim Crow days. Even the Turks who are citizens are not considered to be Germans by the other Germans.

Germans are extremely rude, this is just part of their culture. They think it's their role to criticize other people. If you have a bad hair day in Germany, the entire day you'll hear everyone around you comment on your bad hair day. Oh your hair looks really horrible today would be a standard Germany comment. They think being negative is "being real" so they like to be negative alot. That's why they invented the phrase "shadenfreude".

This rudeness is really toxic when it's combined with racism. The Germans look down upon the Turks as uncivilized and stupid. The same way white Americans looked down upon blacks in the 1950s and 1960s.

Even "progressive" Germans are incredibly culturally insensitive and racist. They will ask rudest questions to Turks all the time because they have ZERO RESPECT for them. "Would you sleep with someone who isn't circumcized?" No question is off-limits. Or have you ever been asked at a party whether you prefer men with or without a foreskin? Three minutes after the introductory handshake, the Germans jump right in. Does your father talk to you about sex? Does your father beat you? Or does he only beat your mother? Wouldn't you at least like to try a bit of the pork, after all?"

Europe in general is extremely racist, much more racist than America. The smug Europeans like to point at America and ridicule us for our race relations when their race relations are much worse. The Europeans forget that they murdered most of their ethnicities in WWII and have refused to accept immigrants into their cultures.

Europeans still buy Darkie toothpaste sold to them by the Chinese. This is a brand of Toothpaste that uses a blackface singer as its logo. The company was started in China but illuminati company Colgate acquired it in 1985. They still sell Darkie Toothpaste in Europe and Asia, just not in America (for obvious reasons). I first learned about it in 2004 when a work friend showed me a picture of it from a drug store in France.

The French have a large African Muslim population that they also have done nothing to integrate. For almost half a century, Europe has depended on imported labor to do the kind of menial jobs its own people don't want to do -- so much so that, today, the population of France is almost 10 percent Muslim. They are the descendants of Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian workers who came from France's ex-colonies.

These descendants of Africans are considered subhuman by the other white French. Their unemployment rate is 4 times higher than the rest of French society (and France's unemployement rate is always super high because of their socialist government - rarely going below 15%).

Two women now in their twenties said that as teenagers they had endured months of almost daily gang-rapes by scores of men in Fontenay-sous-Bois outside Paris. The case was seen as the tip of the iceberg of a wider problem of gang-rapes by youths in the "ghettos" of Paris.

The attacks took place between 1999 and 2001. One night returning from a cinema, aged 16, Nina, described as a tomboy who was good at school, said she was grabbed by a local group of youths, taken to basement cellars in the flats, raped and subjected to a series of brutal sex attacks by scores of local boys. The extremely violent, prolonged sex attacks by large groups of boys continued daily, in car-parks, stairwells, apartments, cellars and the empty playground of a local nursery school. She said there would be "at least 25" youths present during attacks in which she screamed, protested, cried and vomited. One witness described 50 boys "queuing" to rape her.

Threatened that her flat would be burned down if she spoke out, she was afraid to tell her mother, who noticed she was washing eight to 10 times a day.

The women kept quiet for years about the attacks until 2005, when Nina was left unconscious by one final brutal beating following years of abuse and finally told a female police officer. Psychiatric experts had agreed that both women were the victims of rape. Nina has put on 70kg (11 stone) since the attacks, describing the weight-gain as a "shell" behind which to hide. Stephanie attempted to kill herself a few days into the trial, which was held behind closed doors because the defendants were minors at the time of the rapes.

The accused rapists could have gotten a maximum of 20 years in prison, but the state prosecutor only asked for five and seven years for eight of them. After a four-week trial, four of the accused were found guilty of taking part in gang-rapes but 10 were acquitted. Those found guilty were handed sentences that ranged from three years' suspended sentence to one year in prison. Because of time already served on remand, only one man went to prison after the verdict.

The messasage from the French judicial system is that African Muslim women are not to be considered human and don't have rights in French courts. If a white blond French girl who was only 15 years old had been raped by 40+ men for two months daily, there would have been severe punishments for all of them. If the rapists were also black, they probably would have been murdered before they could even stand trial.

Clothilde Lepetit, one of the women's lawyers, described the verdicts and sentencing as "a judicial shipwreck" for the women. She denounced what she called the extremely poor handling of the investigation and the judicial failings of the trial.

The trial was a massive scandal in France though the French government largely tried to ignore it. The French women's minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, said the case had shown that better education on sex and sexuality was needed in schools. How is rape a question of sex education? What the French were really trying to say is that African Muslims are not really human, they are not educated, so they do things like rape. Not only is this incredibly insensitive to the very real problem of rape, it's also incredibly racist.

The French in general are permissive of rape. The country is dominated by the Illuminati Jews and the Satanists use rape in their initiation cermemonies. The French think rape and incest are cool. The French have no Age of Consent laws. There is no concept of statutory rape in France. In France young girls are raped all the time and are told basically that that's what men do.