Rolexes don't anymore. but they used to have the alien quartz in them in the 1960s. che had a real one. They protect you from the illuminati's magic and make you invisible in the paranormal world. They mask your position and provide a forcefield around you to protect you. Che's Rolex:

These crystals came from the great pyramid in Egypt. Napoleon ransacked the Pyramid. What happened in the Egyptian expedition is that the illuminati went to Egypt because they knew that Aliens had created the Great Pyramids and that there was some sort of technology in the pyramids which would give them immense powers. It was a lot like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc. The Napoleonic empire was looking for a paranormal secet weapon to take over the world with. Napoleon - who was the second Anti-Christ according to Nostradamas - planned to ransack the pyramids and find the source of power in the pyramids.

Up until Napoleon's attack on the Great Pyramids, the pyramids still used induction to light the head stone on top of the great pyramid. There were crystals in the headstone that were able to suck energy out of the earth and turn it into light. That's why on the dollar bill the all seeing Eye on top of the pyramid emits light. God created the pryamids and they used to be a portal to Heaven before the Egyptians started screwing them up. They are the most Holy place on Earth.

Napoleon finished the job of destroying the Pyramid. He broke appart the head stone on the pyramid and stole all the crystals inside the pyramid. These crystals would later make their way into Rolex watches and Seiko Watches. For a long time the illuminati just sat on the crystals not knowing what to do with them but in the 1960s they started breaking them into super small bits and putting them into watches. That's where the crystal powering those watches comes from and why they can generate power.

The Rolexes and Seiko's sold now are all fake. None of them have real crystals anymore but the vintage ones still work and provide not only endless power for the watch but they protect against telepathic and paranormal attacks. The Crystals enable the wearer of the watch to source magical power from the Earth itself - if they have paranormal powers. Che Guevara wore a Rolex for that reason, not because he wanted to flaunt wealth. The Rolex protected him for a long time from the illuminati.

Napoleon not only stole the crystals and robbed the great pyramid of light, he cut the nose of the Great Sphinx. Napoleon was angry that he didn't find his super weapon, so he cut off the Sphyinx's nose.