Illuminati Satanist Ferdinand Porsche - the founder of Porshe - served as the lead designer for the Volkswagen Beetle. What's even more surprising about this is the fact that Adolf Hitler served as his co-designer for the VW Beetle. Hitler planned on creating a cheap and reliable vehicle that Germans could drive daily. Porsche jumped on the opportunity and created the vehicle with his design getting approved by the Nazi leader.

Adolf Hitle was a functional moron. He couldn't read or write. He was picked to play fuhrer by the illuminati Jews because Adolf was descended from the 4 biggest Jewish crime families in Europe and his father was Baron Rothschild himself. Hitler was raised to be Hitler.

It didn't matter that he was dumb, gay and dickless - he was Baron Rothschild's prized grandchild.

Soon enough, a concentration camp in Stuttgart, Germany was creating the Beetle in the thousands with slave labor being the main reason why it was produced so quickly and cheaply.

VW has always been one of the worst Nazi companies. Just recently they were shown to have defrauded the entire world with their TDI diesel cars that were supposed to be environmentally friendly but actually released 400 times the amount of pollution as regular cars.

Not only was VW doing this cheating on emissions, so was Porshe. So was Audi. So was BMW. All the German car manufactuers had the same fraud going on. The illuminati shares things like that amongst its companies because they want to destroy Air quality in the world. They want to make earth a Ghetto. The software that Volkswagen first came up was passed around to all the German car manufacturers so they could all cheat the same way.

Volkswagen has pleaded guilty in the United States to charges related to the scheme, admitting that it illegally sold nearly 600,000 vehicles equipped with so-called defeat devices. It has paid more than $25 billion in fines and civil damages. Two executives have been sentenced to prison, and American authorities have brought charges against several others.

In America VW was fined 25 BILLION overall so far. In Europe they weren't fined at all. The same fraud happened both places. The same damage to our environment happened both places. Why wasn't VW fined in the EU? Because the illuminati controls Europe and they don't care about our environment. Not only do they not care, they actually want to destroy the environment because they want to force everyone into space. They want us to all go live in space colonies like Elysium and Earth will become a ghetto where people suffer horrible air all the time worldwide.

VW just announced June 2018 that they were ceasing to use animals in their testing as the company tries to move past an emissions-cheating scandal in which it was found to have helped finance experiments on monkeys.. Previously, they've been testing emissions on monkeys to see how much it hurts them to have pollution in their faces all the time. The reason the Germans were testing monkeys is because they want to know what the effects of all the pollution they're creating is on us humans. The monkeys are the test subjects, but the point is for them to see how humans react because they want to know how horrible they can make the air without everyone dieing all at once.

The New York Times reported June 2018 that Volkswagen pledged to stop funding the testing in a letter to the German branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). First of all, why send this letter to PETA? PETA is an illuminati group that actually murders animals. They are a fraud. Secondly, shouldn't this be a law or something. When is the last time people thought we could just take promises that large multi-national corporations would do the right thing? VW is just going to lie and then do the same thing. The only reason the monkey testing came out in the first place was because of the emission scandal.

The reason the Germans were doing the tests on the monkeys was to figure out how far they could make our lives miserable, how sick they could make us, without actually killing us. They want us to be weak and have trouble breating so that we'll never be able too overthrow our masters physically. They are trying to engineer the perfect environment to keep saves in. We are their planned slaves.

This "promise" by the way is WORTHLESS. THE ILLUMINATI LIES. This is just a way of getting the heat off their backs. IT's just a lie so people stop talking about how the test on monkeys. To the illuminati they have to test on monkeys because they want to know scientificially how to torture us with our own atmosphere. The effects of this will be felt worldwide and that's the illuminati's intent. They want to make earth into a pollution filled miserable ghetto while the illuminati "Gods" go live in space.