Imagine getting a text that reads, “Your ass in that photo is the perfect cum target.” Now imagine that text came from your boss. Now imagine your boss is notorious creep and founder of American Apparel Dov Charney. Now imagine this: dozens of women say they had to deal with that on a daily basis.

Dov Charney is a vile illuminati slime bag. He has no dick or balls but sexually harasses people like a dog with rabies tries to eat you. He constantly exploited underage girls at American Apparel which is why he was finally forced out. here's some more of the things he was documented saying during his court trial to get him removed from his company:

Dov is super wealthy. He was born one of the most wealthy Jews in America. He even spent money to create fake movies of him doing things like receiving oral sex, even though he doesn't have a dick. His company is in Hollywood so he paid computer specialists in Hollywood millions of dollars to make movies of him fulfilling the fantasies of things he couldn't actually do.

He left all of these videos on his computer after he was indicted. He wanted people to find them and think that he has a dick.

Further, Charney’s alleged vocal disdain for Jews, Mexicans, Filipinos, gay people, weak people, and, of course, women, also had somewhat of a negative effect on morale.

A video was sent out after Dov was fired from his fake video collection. It was entitled, "Dov Charney dancing for his employees." A former American Apparel model who spent a great deal of time with Charney told the press: "That is 100% him." Dov Charney paid her to do the 100% thing so everyone was clear that the dick in the video wasn't fake. Not fake at all, 100% real.... sure...

Dov Charney never came up with any cool designs. His clothes were made by Latino slaves in US factories keeping the prices down. They were simple designs following classic styles. The clothes were of good value because the slave labor decreased the cost of production. In 2009, for instance, there was an immigration audit of American Apparel's factory and 1,800 people working without legal permission lost their jobs.

Dov never did anything revolutionary. His only contribution was to create a advertising campaign that looked like child pornography.

He then forced his employees, photographers and models to live in his crazy little world. He would force them to take part in his weird wanna be porn videos. He would sexually and verbally abuse them constantly. He is a stupid rothschild Jew who should be in jail.

I went to a Halloween Party at Dov's old house in Silver Lake over a decade ago before he lost it. It was the weirdest party I've ever been to. Dov wasn't there and never showed up. He had removed all his furniture from the place so people whouldn't damage anything. He had bought some alcohol but not enough for all the people who showed up.

Some people got mad and started flooding his kitchen. By the time I left the whole kitchen had been flooded out and people were leaving because there was no alcohol. The house was inside a gated community so it wasn't easy to get in and out and people just decided there were cooler parties to go to on Halloween.