Gay pedophile Illuminati Satanist Cardinal Dolan the head of New York's Roman Catholic diocese came to the event and donated his hat (Miter) to Rihanna - self proclaimed worshipper of Satan and Aleister Crowley OTO cult member. You can't get more obvious about the shared values of the Illuminati Satanists and the Satanic Catholic Church than that can you.

"I was teasing my auxiliary bishops, who were teasing me about Rihanna and I said, ‘Hey, you guys should not complain because she's volunteered to do some confirmations,'" Dolan joked. Dolan thought that the miter was a good match for Rihanna's beaded white corset dress with matching jacket and clutch, custom made by John Galliano's Maison Martin Margiela.

John Galliano is the infamous illuminati Satanist who briefly became a pariah after he was video tapes telling Jewish women who annoyed him at at a bar that they should be put in the Gas Chambers like Hitler used to to. He continued to tell them that Hitler was the greatest ever and revealed that the whole fashion industry is controlled by Nazi Satanic illuminati. As John put it - I love Hitler, all of us love Hitler. Which makes sense since Hitler was a dumb shit-eating hermaphrodite gay man obssessed with fashion just like John Galliano.

It shows you how Nazi the fashion industry is that they Dior could fire Galliano in 2011 and 7 years later he's still at the center of the met Gala. What a cross-dressing loser.

The whole fashion industry is full of Illuminati shit-eating Jews. They are all insane which is why they dress the way they do. Zoolander 2 was all about how the illuminati Satanist idiots run the Fashion Industry and Paris. Galliano looks so outlandish and stupid he could be straight out of Zoolander.