The Met Gala has always been a Satanic Illuminati fashion event. It combines the 1% illuminati Jews of New York, the iluminati Art scene and the illuminati fashion scene.

This year was in your face illuminati as they did the whole Event around the Theme of the Illuminati Catholic Church. The specific lame Illuminati these for the event was: "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination." The illuminati think they're all star gods. That's why they call themselves "heavenly bodies" and they also think they're the most beautiful. They are deluded inbred shit-eaters - high class, my ass.

Satanic Illuminati Jewish Witch Madonna even performed "Like a Virgin" for the Satanists using real monks borrowed from the Catholic Church. The monks had to strip Madonna down while she's singing "Like a virgin.... Touched for the very first time." Is it a tongue in cheek reference to the supposed "divine conception" - who knows.

Who the fuck knows what "Like A Virgin" means anyway? Is is a metaphor for guys who have big dicks? Is it code for Anal Sex? Because everyone knows Madonna wasn't a virgin. Though maybe when she got fucked in her ass, she felt like a virgin again. That's what I always thought.

Here's the Satanic Catholics hanging out with the Illuminati OTO devil worshippers. Don't they look so cute together? Red Satanic Lighting was a great choice Anna Wintour!!! That way the Cardinal looks even more DEMONIC than normal!!!

Despite the controversy surrounding the ball, the Catholic Illuminati Satanists were all for it. They love having their Satanism come above ground. The fashion show reflects their SATANIC CHURCH - THE CHURCH OF THE GREAT BEAST - THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The entire MetGala was coordinated with the Vatican who leant Anna Wintour - who's organizing the Satanic Ball - their entire collection of clothes. The Catholic theme was arranged in coordination with the Vatican as several items from the Pope's historical clothing collection are currently on display in the Met Museum.

Gay pedophile Illuminati Satanist Cardinal Dolan the head of New York's Roman Catholic diocese came to the event and donated his hat (Miter) to Rihanna - self proclaimed worshipper of Satan and Aleister Crowley OTO cult member. You can't get more obvious about the shared values of the Illuminati Satanists and the Satanic Catholic Church than that can you.

"I was teasing my auxiliary bishops, who were teasing me about Rihanna and I said, ‘Hey, you guys should not complain because she's volunteered to do some confirmations,'" Dolan joked. Dolan thought that the miter was a good match for Rihanna's beaded white corset dress with matching jacket and clutch, custom made by John Galliano's Maison Martin Margiela. John Galliano - the same guy who was videotaped saying Hitler was Great and Jews should be gassed.

Scarlette Johanson - illuminati Satanist - came dressed in Marchesa - the first time anyone had dared to ware Harvey Weinstein's wife's company. The one his wife started with Harvey's money. Anna Wintour thought it took a lot of undescended testicles to wear Marchesa at the Met.

Anna Wintour came on to Colbert to tell everyone how cool it is to be a rich shit eater who the Catholic Church will lend their clothes to. As always the dumb shit-eating hermaphrodite Wintour came off as a crazy, 1% illuminati bitch jew. Wintour went out of her way to promote Marchesa on the Colbert Show and said poor Georgina Harvey's wife shouldn't be picked upon just because of her evil husband Harvey Weinstein.

Wintour took Stephen back stage to see all the cool props the Illuminati Catholic Church had lent the Met for their show. Anna really liked the Crozier - which is like a giant golden shepherds staff. Wintour likes to use the one she borrowed from Cardinal Dolan to rape and murder little children with it. Dolan does the same thing and showed her how to use it to rape and murder children with.

So who was Wintour's pick for best dressed of the evening?

"My very favorite was Father James Martin," she said, smiling. "He's a Jesuit priest who was advising us on the exhibition, and he came in his appropriate robes and apparently all night people were coming up to him and saying, ‘I really like that you came as a sexy priest and you look so authentic.' That was my favorite." A SEXY PRIEST??? WHAT? This isn't Halloween idiot Wintour. Though the way you guys dress it's hard to tell the difference.

Overall the fashion was insane. The illuminati have lost their marbles and want to present themselves as God. Jared Leto - evil child murdering Satanist had the gall to dress as Jesus Christ. His crazy date Lana Del Rey is dressed as Mary Magdelena, Jesus' wife.

And Rihanna of course, decided to dress as the Pope.

Man, whatever happened to Rihanna. She's getting uglier and uglier as she ages. Too much cocaine.

Rihanna dressing as the Pope with a mini-dress and then spreading her legs all over the place really pissed off a lot of Catholics who aren't illuminati.

Kim Kardashian (san Kanye since little biatch was too scared to show) is trying to look like an Illuminati fertility goddess. Kind of ridiculous for her to be the golden fertility goddess since she's infertile. She can put as many implants into her as she wants, she will always look weird. Her breasts are fake, her ass is fake, her hips are fake. Her entire body is fake.

Satanic Illuminati Jews Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen came as a couple even though he's obviously gay. Sarah appears to be trying to look like a Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Portrait of Jesus Christ.

Sarah is a really ungly hermaphrodite man who would have no career without the illuminati. Just like Andy Cohen.