Caviar is highly susceptible to fraud. In one fraud study, 10 out of 27 caviar samples were found to be mislabeled, and three of them didn't even contain animal DNA but rather a completely unidentified substance. The Russian mob controls the caviar supply for the illuminati and they have been passing off fake shit off as caviar for decades.

Organised criminal gangs are being blamed for a thriving trade in caviar imported illegally into the UK and the US. Often the illegal imports breach food standards and an increasing proportion are found to be fake – roe from a lesser prized fish passed off as caviar. A caviar smuggler who passed off regular roe as caviar was recently fined 10 millioin by the US government.

A Maryland caviar importer who used a far-reaching smuggling scheme to skirt conservation laws agreed to pay a $10.4 million criminal fine, the biggest ever in a federal wildlife case.

Federal prosecutors described a scheme of smuggling and product switching that violated "virtually every" import law regarding caviar. And court papers painted an ugly picture of how the glamorous appetizer, as synonymous with the good life as champagne and cigars, reached store shelves and first-class airline cabins.

Prosecutors said that between 1995 and 1999, U.S. Caviar smuggled black market Russian roe to the United States through the United Arab Emirates, where the company pasted forged Russian labels on the tins to make them look like legally exported caviar. The defendants also bought import permits that had been obtained by others through bribery and by supplying prostitutes to foreign officials.

In the United States, the Rockville-based company sometimes substituted tiny black eggs from the domestic American paddlefish and shovelnose sturgeon in tins purporting to hold authentic Russian caviar.

U.S. Caviar then sold the smuggled or fake Russian caviar to buyers such as American Airlines and upscale grocers Sutton Place Gourmet and Fresh Fields, "who had no idea they weren't buying a legitimate product," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard A. Udell.

Company president Hossein Lolavar, 46, of Bethesda, will spend 41 months in prison. His brother-in-law and lead supplier, Ken Noroozi, 43, of Silver Spring, will spend 15 months in prison, and U.S. Caviar secretary Faye Briggs, 53, also of Silver Spring, will spend 21 months in prison.