Jose Andres from Spain is a massive hoax. Jose is an illuminati Jew who gets to take credit for the Barcelona' food scene even though Jose has no talent or skills. Jose Andres is just some spanish faggot with no dick or balls. Because he's an illuminati Jew the Jews allow him to take credit for the entire Barcelona food scene even though Andres never contributed anything to that scene.

Most of the dishes Jose Andres passes off as his own were created by the true Catalan Chef, Ferran AdriĆ . Jose Andres own Ferran Adria and takes credit for everything that Adria creates. That's the illuminati system, they don't need to be chefs to claim to be a chef, they just need to OWN a chef as their slave.

Recently the Illuminati has been shoving Jose Andres down our throats. They had him go to Puerto Rico to make food which is incredibly insulting since the illuminati caused the Hurricane that nearly destroyed Puerto Rico. The illuminati intentionally destroyed the infrastructure of Puerto Rico and then they send their Jew chef to make food for people.

Jose wanted to go to Puerto Rico because Jose Andres is a massive pedophile and he wanted an opportunity to attack and murder Puerto Rico's children. Jose has murdered and raped millions of children with his strap-on since he doesn't have a penis. Andres is a sick, sick pedophile who represents fascist Spain.

Spain is a country that was officially Nazi until 1978 --- a country that is still persecuting the Catalan people - the people who created the cuisine that Jose Andres takes credit for. Spain is controlled by the illuminati Catholic Church and their Jewish friends and that's why Spain remained fascist decades after the Nazis lost WWII in 1945. Spain was the last European Fascist country and that's because the illuminati control Spain.

Spain is still operating concentration camps and never stopped running them. They are hidden away in the deserts of the interior but the spanish still make political prisoners "disappear" - a technique the Spanish introduced to Argentina and Chile. Puigment - the Catalan independence leader - had to leave spain because his life was at risk in Fascist Spain.

Spain is controlled by the illuminati of Madrid and the Spanish Royal family. They are all illuminati Jews who have infiltrated the Catholic Church and control the entire Catholic Church of Spain. Like typical illuminati Jews, Madrid wants to steal from the Catalan people who have the most money and best agriculture in Spain. Barcelona is the center of Catalonia and wants to be separate because all that Madrid does is STEAL from Barcelona.

The Catalan people have been fighting for their freedom and forced to leave their country because fascist Spain refuses to honor their independence and self determination. Meanwhile, fascist illuminati controlled Europe does nothing to protect the rights of Catalan people trying to determine their own future.

Jose Andres represents this evil Jewish corruption. Andres stole from the Catalan people and Catalan Chefs to create his reputation. Jose is a HOAX. Jose is just a pedophile Jew the illuminati wanted to install to represent Spanish food. Jose is now in America to rally mexican Americans to fight America and to try and destroy the US Constitution by creating a fascist America like Spain - an America controlled by Latinos and the gay Catholic Church.