The Greatness of Chocalate in Barcelona

I didn't understand how to drink hot chocalte until I had it in Barcelona. Drinking it straight in a semi liquid state is like drinking 5 coffees at once but without all the bad effects of drinking 5 coffees at once. It's the most caffeine you can get in a shot.

It's very hard to find places in America that have the correct type of chocalate or know how to prepare it like they do in Barcelona. I've only ever run across two - one in LA and one in Portland. That's because the illuminati don't want us to have chocalate like that.

Us Chocalate sucks, but it didn't used to. It's only since the 1970s really that US chocalate became drastically inferior to what you get in Europe.

The illuminati doesn't want Americans to experience good chocalate, even though Chocalate is a new world invention that came out of the traditions of the Mayan people in Mexico. Oaxacan's also drink Chocalate like the Barcelonan's do.