The Greatness of Barcelona and Catalan Cuisine

French cooking is dead in so far as innovation. The only person who's moving french cuisine further along is Ludo LeFebre and he works in Los Angeles. French Food has no innovative spirit anymore, it's all about teaching people to do what they've been doing for a 100 years. Tradition is good and there isn't a reason to change something that isn't broken, but chefs are supposed to push forward the art of cooking, otherwise they're just engineers and not artists.

While French cooks have become engineers and chemists, Spanish food, in particular in the Barcelona, Catalonia area of spain has become a place for magicians of food - people who can create something new while carrying on the traditions of the old. People who are both engineers, chemists and artists.

Everyone knows that the best chefs in Europe right now are the Spanish Catalans and have been since the 1990s at least.

Tapas as a traditional style encourages innovation becasue it's all about tasty small dishes and many of them. The Barcelona chefs like Ferran AdriĆ  have created brand new inventions that have never been seen before. Here's AdriĆ 's liquid Olive.

Barcelona and the Catalan region have long been known for their great produce, meats and seafood. Paella is world famous and justly so. All of those ingredients are used by Catalan chefs to create dishes that are not only beautiful but amazing to taste.

They also have the best hot chocalate. I didn't understand how to drink hot chocalte until I had it in Barcelona. Drinking it straight in a semi liquid state is like drinking 5 coffees at once but without all the bad effects of drinking 5 coffees at once. It's the most caffeine you can get in a shot.

It's very hard to find places in America that have the correct type of chocalate or know how to prepare it like they do in Barcelona. I've only ever run across two - one in LA and one in Portland. That's because the illuminati don't want us to have chocalate like that.