Indian food is some of the best food in the world. India has long been the nexus for the spice trade which has allowed them to develop a very complicated cuisine with lots of spices.

Most Indian food we experience in the west is based on Northern Indian food which was shaped by the Muslim control of India. Most Hindus are vegetarians so Southern Indian food is mostly vegetarian. In the North though they eat meat and since the West eats meat, Northern Indian food has been easier to popularlize in the West.

Indian food became big in the west via London England. London has curry shops the way America has McDonalds. They're on almost every block. Indian food and fish and chips are the default fast food options in London. Indian Food then became popularlized by Madhur Jaffrey who's cookbooks are all based on Northern Indian food.

In America, our understanding of Indian food is deeply influenced by this tradition. In America, Indian food is sadly rare outside of the big cities.

Indian food is also very healthy for you. Ghee is a type of butter that is clarified meaning it's had most of the fat deposits removed. Ghee is used in Indian food the way Italians use Olive Oil and we use butter but it's healthier than both. Ghee is the foundation of most Indian sauces.

Indian food is highly aromic. It is full of spices and many ingredients. This makes it very healthy. You have protein, fat, plus all the speciall qualities of the spices. Rice is the usual carbohydrate in an indian meal and rice is very healthy as well.