Just like Jesus Christ had Judas, we had one massive traitor who is often referred to as a founding father. This masonic, illuminati spy was Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton argued against the Bill of Rights. He also instituted the Bank of New York which later became the Federal Reserve - which is really an unconstitutional 4th branch of our government. Hamilton worked for the Masons and was mainly responsible for setting up trade relations with the illuminati British Masons.

Aaron Burr killed Hamilton in a duel while they were campaigning for Governor of New York. In 1804, the last full year of his single term as vice president, Burr shot his political rival Alexander Hamilton in a famous duel. Burr was never tried for the illegal duel, and all charges against him were eventually dropped.

Which goes to show that people in America didn't like Alexander Hamilton much back in the days of the Founding Fathers. If you kill someone of Hamilton's status and get away with it, obviously the American people wanted Hamilton dead in the first place.

The entire idea of a federal reserve - something Alexander Hamilton championed - is unconstitutional. The founding fathers did not want a central bank. They planned to use outside banks to finance things for the new government. John Hancock was a rich man who pledged his fortune to the cause of revolution. The founding fathers hoped to avoid ever having to use a central bank because they feared that such a bank would end up taking over control of the government and such an institution would be easy for the illuminati masons to co-opt through their control of the banking industry. The founding fathers wanted the US to rely on banks and deals with other countries to finance projects on a case by case basis.

It's often said that Alexander Hamilton was an anti-slavery advocate but this isn't really the truth. He wanted to ban the international slave trade but only the American activity in it. And really he only wanted to do that because the illuminati controlled the underground slave trade. Like the illuminati made alcohol illegal in the US during prohibition so their organized crime families could make more money, Hamilton wanted to get slavery officially banned so the illuminati could make more money off their illegal slave trading. Hamilton also wanted to keep the South buying illegal slaves from British Illuminati. What Hamilton helped get banned was American's working in the Slave trade. All that meant was that there was less competition for his British illuminati slave trading friends.

The true reason James Madison wrote the federalist papers with Alexander Hamilton is the Illuminati would not let the papers be published unless they got to have their papers written too. Some of the papers are Madison some Hamilton. So the federalist papers are incoherent in places because Alexander Hamilton was trying to argue against James Madison. John Jay didn't really write any of the federalist papers, he just wanted the glory of being associated with the project.

The true vision of America - as outlined by the Founding Father's writings is a philosophical vision that is consistent and really the crowing achievement of the enlightenment. George Washington took that theoretical world view and made it a reality by winning the Revolutionary War against the British. The war created the political space to make that vision a workalble government. Washington was chosen to be our first President by the founding fathers because of his wisdom. Washington's expertise in theory was war. He was a master general.

Other Famous founding fathers were military leaders and statesmen like George Washington. John Hancock was a merchant, smuggler, statesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution. He served as president of the Second Continental Congress and was the first and third Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is remembered for his large and stylish signature on the United States Declaration of Independence, so much so that the term "John Hancock" has become, in the United States, a synonym for a signature. Before the American Revolution, Hancock was one of the wealthiest men in the Thirteen Colonies, having inherited a profitable mercantile business from his uncle, himself a prominent smuggler.

All of these founding fathers wanted to get rid of slavery when we liberated ourselves from the slave trading British. Besides the obvious moral arguments, the founding fathers thought of the slave trade as a security weakness vis-a-vis the illuminati masons. The masons controlled the slave trade and the founding fathers did not want to allow masons to have their tenactles in the new Colonist economy.

The founding fathers liked having Africans in America but they wanted them to come through immigration and not slavery. That's actually why America established Liberia in 1821. The founding fathers wanted AFricans to come to America via Liberia rather than slavery. Unfortunately, the British were able to destroy the Liberian economy via their control of most of Africa.

The founding fathers even wrote a constitution that officially outlawed slavery. Slavery was obviously incompatible with the ideals of the US Constitution. The masons were able to block that version of the Constitution, but the founding fathers still made extra copies of the constitution that officially outlawed slavery. (these have been hidden away, National Treasure style). This alternative constitution also outlawed torture and indentured servitude. These were all things the illuminati Jewish masons made a lot of money off of so that part of the constitution was censored by the Illuminati Masons and the Catholic Church.