America Down Under - Slavery never Ended It Went Underground

The 13th Amendment didn't actualy end slavery, it created a two tier system of freed slaves and slaves who were moved underground. The language of the amendment excepts people who have slavery enforced upon them as a punishment. The literal text of the amendment is:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

The language of the amendment expressly allows slavery as a punishment for a crime. So for a long time during the 1800s, blacks were tried and forced back into slavery. These cases have been wiped from the record but up until 1915 black were routinely sentenced to slavery.

After the Civil War, Southerners started building cities underground where slavery was still legal. Terminus in atlanta still has tunnels that connect to those underground cities. New slaves were often forced into this underground community so they wouldn't be as obvious or they were moved to the prisons.

The chronic problems with blacks being sent to prison is a legacy of this flaw in the 13th Amendment. What's the difference between being in prison and being a slave - not much. Prisoners like slaves are forced to make products for their overseers who profit from their lack of liberty. The American Prison system is slavery in broad day light. The slavery in the underground is far worse in violence and depravity but essentially the same thing.

The illuminati thinks of this undeground network of cities as a country different to the United States. They call it America Down Under. In America Down Under, the South never lost the civil war. In America down under, Satanism is officially the law. In America Down Under, people are used as slaves, murdered and eaten.

Obviously, just because you build a network of caves underground that you live in doesn't mean that you're a separate country from the US. US bomb shelters are the same thing, nobody would say that's a different country when you go underground.

They do this in Europe too. They have the NAZIS underground where the Nazis never lost the war and Hitler is worshipped as a God who will liberate the Nazis again when he is reborn.

They also do it in south America where people disappear underground. In Chile, there was a whole German town - the Dignified Colony - that had and extensive underground tunnel where children would be abducted from the town and raped and murdered underneath. That's what they have made America into.