Barack had a cybernetic wig installed when he became President. It was forced upon him as the illuminati would murder him or send him to a concentration camp unless he submits to having a cybernetic system installed. They japanese illuminati presented it as either you are operated on and have the cybernetic shit installed or you will get assassinated.

The cybernetic shit doesn't control you completely. I have it as well and I rebel against it all the time. Barack uses it to download his speeches in his mind. If you watch him speaking on tour now, you can see during his pregnant pauses he blinks an aweful lot. Every time he's blinking he's downloading information.

Donald Trump has an even more extensive cybernetic sytem than Barack does. You also see a lot of news people doing the same thing. There are lot of people from sports athletes, to Hillary Clinton, to news commentators like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper who have these cybernetic systems set up. When Nancy Pelosi's cybernetic system gets fried she has her trademark brainfarts.

Hillary Clinton uses hers all the time. Normally humans don't blink more than 5 times a minute. Someone like Hillary Clinton will blink 50 times a minute when she's responding to questions. Anyone who blinks abnormally is using a cybernetic system to download information from Big Blue.

Barack is a loyal member of the resistance, but he does have a cybernetic set up like I do. These systems are of little use to me or Barack, they primarily serve as chains to enslave us. For Donald they allow him to pretend to be normal and not act like a complete mental retard.

Barack has had to deal with people trying to push him around the entire time he was President. Not only were the illuminati pushing him around but Barack is Michelle Obama's slave. She owns him. Michelle is a Dark Illuminati Jew and Barack is her property. That's why Barack goes to all those Beyonce shows and dances around.

Barack has been Michelle's slave since they met after Law School. Barack had to sell himself into slavery to attend illuminati Yale Law School. Yale Law School bought him as an investment. He was then sold to his firm who sold him to Michelle. The illuminati handled all three transations from a billing standpoint.

Michelle Obama also owns Barack's children and she can have them taken away from him at any point. At any point she can choose to pull him in on his leash but Barack rebels and Michelle is easily swayed.

In the new illuminati model of slavery, a slave like Barack can be President and the illuminati just looks at him as an asset to be exploited later. Now Michelle gets all the money from his speaking engagements. The illuminati keep Barack in a box and try and constrain him. That's why he hasn't been speaking out against Trump until recently.

Now however, even the illuminati are tired of Trump. He is the Chaos President and no one wins with Chaos. Trump has taken the whole illuminati and destroyed them in America - they aren't very happy about that. That's why Barack is allowed to speak again and criticize Trump. The illuminati are happy to see Trump get his come uppance.