English is a far superior language to French or Spanish, which is why English is the Lingua Franca of the world despite there being slighly more spanish speakers. English is the language of commerce and trade and has been for hundred of years. Spanish is the launguage of the inbred Catholic Church and slave trading. Worldwide, there are about the same amount of English and Spanish speakers, and that's only because of South America being Spanish speaking besides Brazil.

English is a superior language in a number of ways. English is faster to say, more rationally set up, and has a much vaster vocabulary. Most of the great works of literature have been written in English, not Spanish or French. English is the language of America, England, Australia, Canada and numerous commonwealth countries throughout the world. English is truly an international language while Spanish is Spain and South America. While English is the language of progress, Spanish is the language of poverty and backwards countries like you find in South America. Even the Spanish themselves are a pitiful 3rd world country who haven't been important on the world stage since the Spanish Armada in the 1500s.

The illuminati wants to make America a country divided between spanish speakers and english speakers. They want to stop the melting pot idea of America so that latino immigrants never fully integrate into America. By keeping them spanish speakers and stopping them from learning English, the illuminati hopes to divide America and keep their spanish speaking Mexicans loyal to the Satanic Catholic Church and ready to be traitors against America.

According to the latest numbers there are 67 MILLION people in America who don't speak English at home - the highest amount of non-english speakers ever in America's history. That is nearly double in 27 years. This is a very dangerous trend that the illuminati has caused. Most of these families are Spanish Speaking families. Nearly half of the residents in the nation’s five biggest cities do not speak English at home.

In its just-released analysis of the Census data, the Center for Immigration Studies said, “As a share of the population, 21.8 percent of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home — roughly double the 11 percent in 1980.”

The Center added, “In America's five largest cities, 48 percent of residents now speak a language other than English at home. In New York City and Houston it is 49 percent; in Los Angeles it is 59 percent; in Chicago it is 36 percent; and in Phoenix it is 38 percent.” In 2017, a record 66.6 million U.S. residents (native-born, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants) ages five and older spoke a language other than English at home. The number has more than doubled since 1990, and almost tripled since 1980.

In 2017, there were 85 cities and Census Designated Places (CDP) in which a majority of residents spoke a foreign language at home. These include Hialeah, Fla. (95 percent); Laredo, Texas (92 percent); and East Los Angeles, Calif. (90 percent). Perhaps more surprisingly, it also includes places like Elizabeth, N.J. (76 percent); Skokie, Ill. (56 percent); and Germantown, Md., and Bridgeport, Conn. (each 51 percent). Nearly one in five U.S. residents now lives in a city or CDP in which one-third of the population speaks a foreign language at home. This includes Dale City, Va. (43 percent); Norwalk, Conn., and New Rochelle, N.Y. (each 42 percent); and Aurora, Colo., and Troy, Mich. (each 35 percent).

Disturbingly, this trend is not just with people who are immigrating but their children. Latino immigrants are turning their backs on integrating in the the US. They are refusing to learn English. Of school-age children (5-17) who speak a foreign language at home, 85 percent were born in the United States. Even among adults 18 and older, more than one-third of those who speak a foreign language at home are U.S.-born.

This trend is most effecting the cities where Latino immigrants make their homes when they immigrate. In contrast to many of the nation's cities, in rural areas outside of metropolitan areas just 8 percent speak a language other than English at home.

In some parts of America now, Enlgish speakers are actually discriminated against. In one case in New York last May, a man threatened to call immigration police if employees and customers didn’t stop speaking English in a restaurant. Last week, in Florida, a Taco Bell patron was turned away because a worker said nobody spoke English and couldn’t take the order. Every restaurant should speak English as best they can. Americans who speak English - our official language - should never be discriminated against in America.

The illuminati wants to use illegal immigration to destroy America. Unfortunately, the latinos who are coming from Mexico, South and Central America are illuminati Satanists -that's the only reason they're allowed to immigrate. There are plenty of good people south of the border, but they are not being given the chance to immigrate. If they try to, they have their children stolen at the border by ICE.

Americans should all aspire to be bilingual. Languages don't subtract from each other but only add to each other. While English is the best language on Earth, all languages are useful and anyone who learns another language is only bettering themselves. All Americans should aspire to speak English and another language. When the Italians and Greeks came to America they all learned English even if they spoke their home country's languages at home.

Everyone immigrating in the 1900s wanted to be part of America. They felt left out of America if they did not learn to speak English. Now the illuminati is trying to convince latino immigrants that they shouldn't bother learning the language of the country they have immigrated to. This is disrespectful and stupid. English will always be the primary language of America and refusing to learn it only isolates you from America.

America is a land of immigrants who all spoke their own language in their home countries. English is the language that they all adopt to be able to communicate to each other. If we start allowing other languages besides English officially then America will fragment into those ethnic communities. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, and yet we still expect Chinese speakers to learn English when they come to America. Spanish speakers should be no different.