Some think of slavery as the perfect competitive marketplace. Slaves do their best becuase otherwise they are beaten, killed or have to watch their wives being raped. Besides the obvious moral problems with this conviction, and the fact that it sends you to Hell in the afterlife, this assumption is simply wrong. Slaves don't fight to be the best slave, they fight to try and find a way to escape slavery. The best freeman is a former slave, because a former slave understands the value of liberty. Freedom is most real to you when you understand what is like to not have your freedom.

Slavery leads to an irrational allocation of labor. In the illuminati world, their slaves are smarter, more talented, generate more accomplishments and yet their masters reap the rewards of all their hard work and determination. The slaves show superior genetics. They should be highly sought after as mates and have many children. That is what God, the architect intended (minus the Slavery part.) God intended successful people to be more attractive and have more children.

Success though has to be true success, not the kind of success you buy with illuminati money. No one who cheats is truly successful. No one who cheats has demonstrated they are a superior mate. All they've demonstrated is that they can cheat. Having genetics that promotes cheating are bad genetics. That is not attractive to a mate. You never see the woman in the movie ending up with the cheating Golfer who faked his entire game. That would be a very odd moral message to send in a movie. No one would believe it. No one intuitively thinks cheaters are cool.

And yet the illuminati wants us to believe that cheaters are cool and slavery is cool and rational. The truth is that slavery puts a strangle hold on the Architect's plans of progress because it stops successful people from raising their own children to also be successful. Even if the illuminati takes their best golf slave and breeds them like a stud horse, they won't let the golfer raise their children because they're always afraid of the slaves banding together and revolting.

If a slave is not able to raise their children, their children have no chance to be as great as the slave. The slave is great not just based on genetics but on values. If the slave can't teach good values to their children, then the child won't be as successful. Great cultures are made by parents teaching their children great values and that being expressed in a collective way. That's what American democracy is all about - creating the liberty to allow American families to raise their children how they see fit. Through the variety of our famlies, comes our strength.

America is the greatest country on earth not because of some divine mandate, but because of America's foundation as represented by our Constitution and the vision of the Founding Fathers which was further clarified by Abraham Lincoln, Fred Douglas and the Civil War. America is great because we have people from all over the world who have come here as immigrants. We have people who were brought here as slaves too. We have the best people from all over the world who come into our democracy and help elevate America above the rest of the world.

If you're looking for a true vision of an international government like the UN pretends to be, you should look at America as the paradigm. Americans are from all continents, all races, all religions, all cultural backgrounds. The UN pretends to be a democracy of the World, but what kind of world democracy is constantly controlled by undemocratic forces like Israel, Russia and China?

Americans are descended from people who had the vision to leave the Old World for a better life. Americans are descended from the visionaries who saw past the limitied vision of the Catholic Jewish illuminati. The people who left the old world for a place where they could be free. A place where they could find the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What defines our democracy is our devotion to human rights for all people. This devotion for human rights is incompatible with slavery. The founding fathers tried to ban slavery in the original constitution - they were blocked by the illuminati which is why we ended up in the Civil War 100 years later. There are other versions of the US Constitution hidden away like National Treasure secrets - a version where slavery is explicitly banned in the US Constitution. It is a matter of public record that many of the Founding Fathers wanted to end slavery and people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson freed their slaves on their deaths.

The Founding Fathers grew up in world where slavery was the NORM. Despite that, they had the vision to see that true Democracy was not compatible intellectually or pragmatically with slavery. The idea that all men are created equal and have universal human rights such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is intellectually incompatible with the institution of slavery. You can try and white wash the debate with new wacky economic theories of slavery but the Founding Fathers core intellectual argument is unchallenged - slavery is incompatible with a rights based democracy such as spelled out in our Constitution.

Many in the Illuminati of all races argue for slavery now - from white supremacists to black supremacists to chinese supremacists to Jewish supremacists to the Yakuza monkeys to the Descendants of Jesus Christ supremacists (all descendants of Jesus are superior to everyone else) to Slave Supremacists (eg slaves are superior to all their masters). The Dark Illuminati Jews believe in slavery, which is not surprising since they've always been the House Niggas and the Uncle Toms who benifit from the slave system. The KKK of course believes that slavery is the best thing ever, they never have to pay black men to fuck them then if they own the black men. The Nazis advocate some pseudo intellectual theories about slavery and the survival of the fittest - but that's all disproven by the fact that the Nazis now are all dickless mental retards who can't procreate. God has already told the Nazis that they are the weakest genetics on Earth - that's why their bloodlines are all dying out like the British Royal Family's.

The truth is that Slavery as an istitution is beginning to finally really end world wide. By 2025, Slavery will disappear as the last slave owning areas like Germany, Japan, and NYC are destroyed by the fury of God. God will eliminate Slavery world wide. Slavery is a damning institution the illuminati set up. It sends people to Hell. God will not allow it to persist into the second half of creation. In the Golden Age, slavery will be banned on Earth forever.