"Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes!" Meaning, "Don't use any of your gunpowder until they're really, really close, so you won't miss."

Official history (rewritten by the masonic Illuminati) is that Prescott or Putnam gave that quote but actually it was George Washington. George Washington was actually in charge at Bunker Hill.

Supposedly, Washington was made head of the Colonial Army a couple of weeks after Bunker Hill because he was such a good leader. That doesn't make a lot of sense. Why change leadership after Bunker Hill -- Bunker Hill was touted as an example of great American tactics which kicked the British Asses signficantly downgrading the chances of the British Army and changing the course of the war. With such a success, why change things up a couple of weeks later with General Washington?

The real truth is that Washington was the leader at Bunker Hill and he said "Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes!". Also, that quote doesn't mean exactly what it's been said to mean. Washington did not mean "Don't use any of your gunpowder until they're really, really close, so you won't miss." He actualy meant, make sure you're killing Magliens. Maglien's roll their eyes back up when they're afraid (which in military campaigns they always are) and the troops the British were sending in were Maglien troops. Of course, this also meant that the Colonials were careful with conserving their gunfire leading to outlasting their adversaries.

The Revolutionary war was really a war between the English Illuminati and the American Rosicrucians lead by General Washington. Much has been made of George Washington's masonic connections but he was really part of the Rosicrucian brotherhood. The Rosicrucians were a righteous group who infiltrated the Masons to stop them from killing the descendants of Jesus Christ. Washington himself was descended from Christ. He organized his own secret Rosicrucian brotherhood that worked throughout the Revolutionary Army. The masonic groups he started were actually rosicrucians.

It was necessary in the beginning of American democracy to have this secret cult because so much of America was controlled by the masonic Illuminati (who ran the slave trade). Secret societies are anti-democratic in general. The founding fathers were not fans of them, but they infiltrated the Masons in order to spy on the British and control the groups in America. Co-opting their secret organization was key to winning the revolutionary war.

Benjamin Franklin, Washington, Jefferson were all part of Masonic groups. They were all secretly Rosicrucians who started their own Rosicrucian groups inside illuminati groups. After the Revolutionary war the Illuminati masons were pushed out to Europe or Canada and the Rosicrucians stayed on for a while and then dissappeared (the Masons assininated them including all three I just mentioned). After the Illuminati masons murdered Washington, Jefferson and Franklin, they were able to slowly regain control of America until the Anti-Masonic party formed in the 1830s.

This is why our White House was burned down in 1814. A Canadian Illuminati Mason set our White House on fire as a message from the Illuminati that they would destroy America. The official history is that it was British Troops, but that's a confusion. The Canadian was a British Soldier.

After burning down our White House the Illuminati had regained control of America until the 1830s when the Anti-Masonic Party became the first third party in America

Within 10 years the Illuminati had been pushed out of America again.

One place you can see this ongoing war between the Rosicrucian ideals of American democrdacy and the evil Illuminati masons is in the battle to finish the American Seal.