The illuminati has been pushing so-called "identity politics" since the 1990s as a way to to divide Americans. The illuminati controlled institutions of higher learning began educating students that the idea of an American melting pot was not a good thing. Rather than aim for commonality, we should all celebrate difference.

Identity politics and cultural background are not the same thing. People's particular cultural background is something we should celebrate in America. We've always done that actually. How many italian parades and Greek Festivals and German beerfests have we Americans had over 250 years of existence. Quite a lot.

America should always celeberate the immigrants who make it up as well as the Native people who were here before everyone else. The great gumbo those cultures create when they come together in America is what makes America such a great country. It is what makes us better than Europe or Asia.

Just like we have celebrated our Greek, German, Italian, British, etc heritage, we should also celebrate our Mexican American, Chinese American, African American and queer heritage. Really, it's just a matter of not being racist about the heritages we are celebrating. America is a big enough tent that no one should be an outsider.

Identity polics has come to be used to divide us by the illuminati controlled media however. The general political correctness that blocks free speech is rationalized as a way of protecting people who are different. People are being conditioned to be sensitive to these things all the time which creates a lot of tension in our society. The illuminati wants us to not feel free to talk to each other and to highlight our divisions rather than what unites us as Americans. They want to keep us separated and the first way to do that is to separate us mentally - to make identitiy politics the way we think about our identity.

Really identity is much more complicated than one thing. Someone can be many different identities at the same time. Someone can be identitied by their ethnicity, the country they live in, their sexual preference, their sex, what language they speak, their political preferences, their age group, etc etc. Our senses of selves are complicated things and identity politics tends to reduce them down to their simplest elements.

What Identity politics in the 1990s was really about was a rebellion against straight-white-conservative America on behalf of those who had been oppressed by the majority. That's why it was succuessful. And it had it's place and time, but we really need to move beyond it now.

The Illuminati wants to promote Identity politics because they want to divide us. They want to play one group of people against another. They don't want Americans to think about what unites them. Identity politics tends to divide us rather than unify us. Many people define their identity in contrast to others.

The illuminati also likes identity politics because it promotes moral relativism. Every identity has it's own truth they say. Which is really a dumb way of saying every group has it's own set of experiences and interests.

Truth is not something that can be relativized. If an African or a Chinese or a Jew walk over a cliff, they all have the same truth. They all fall. I hate the expression everyone has their own truth. No they don't. They have their own viewpoint. They have their own experiences. They have their own biases. But they don't have their own truth.

The illumianti want to promote relativism because they believe that there is no moral law. They believe they should be able to do whatever they want. They shoud be able to kill children if they want, that's just their truth. Moral relativism means that the Nazis weren't bad people, they just do things differently than Americans. The Nazis had their own truth too. Don't be so judgemental regarding those Satanists, killing little children is just part of their culture.

We need to move beyond this way of thinking about things. We may not all agree on what is morally true, but that doesn't mean there isn't moral truth. While people may disagree on difficult questions like abortion, we should all be able to agree that child murder and pedophilia is wrong. The illuminati is trying to create a worldview where no one can be held accountable for breaking any moral law because truth has been completely relativized.

The founding fathers used to think of identity issues in terms of the private and public spheres. One's culture, sexual behaviors and religion were private issues that were to be shared with friends and family. They were not issues that were explored in the public sphere - in politics.

Which is not to say that a person's public speech is not informed by their private lives. Frederick Douglas' experiences as a slave made him have a particular viewpoint that other politicians of the time did not have. Douglas' message was universal though. His message was that without having the vote, one could not be fully free.

The universality of his message made Douglas realize that Women were in the same position in post Civil-War America. Douglas joined the women rights movement and even ran as Vice President on their presidential run because he could see the commonality between women and African-Americans. Douglas didn't look at it as two identities being in a similiar position really, he looked at it as a matter of universal law. No one should be denied the right to vote.

The founding fathers looked upon rights as something the Creator had given all of us. They were actually struggling to delineate them. It was a great achievement to have done so thoroughly but they were not perfect. There are rights that they were not able to get in there. Some - like the prohibition against slavery - because the Illuminati would not let them. The founding fathers, particularily Jefferson, also wanted to include women in the right to vote.

John Stuart Mill had already written quite convincingly that Women deserved the right to vote. Jefferson also tried to get that into the Constitution. The patriarchal illuminati also blocked that. Jefferson long held that women actually did have the right to vote under the Constitution. He argued that "men" in the preamble to the Constitution actually meant both men and women. We have no pronoun that would let us say all men and women at the same time.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, chief among these are: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

All of our rights stem from universality of the ineliebale rights that Jefferson said our creator bestowed upon us. But sometimes certain groups have more particular versions of these rights. Because we have different natures we need different sorts of protections, but all these rights ultimately flow from the same rights that Jefferson delineated.

For instance, a woman's right to an abortion is not a right that a man has. A man has no need to have that right. However, the right to an abortion stems from the basic idea of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A woman should have the right to have control of her body. A woman cannot control her health and thus her life without that control.

Likewise, heterosexual couples don't have to worry about the right to have a gay marriage. Gay couples though need that right. In a culture biased towards heterosexual couples, gay couples need a specific right that protects their right to marriage. This though also flows naturally from our constitution. What is marriage if it isn't the pursuit of happiness?