The Filibuster was removed in 2017 for Supreme Court Justices. Now in 2018 we're getting an illuminati judge who would not have survived a filibuster. This is not coincidence. The illuminati knew they were going to have trouble in the future getting their judge picks through so they changed the filibuster rule pre-emptively. The illuminati politicians - both GOP and Democratic have been underminging the filibuster rule for a long time and 2017 ended it for the most important appointment filibusters could be used for - the Supreme Court - a life long appointment.

A Supreme Court justice serves for life without the possibility of review or removal. Unlike other appointments by the President, they do not go away with the President. They serve long after they are appointed. That's why removing the filibuster for Supreme Court justices was a really stupid move. We shouldn't accept Supreme Court justices that sizable portions of the public won't accept. Otherwise, the Supreme Court will continue to drift away from credibility not only undermining the Judiciary but undermining our entire Constitution.

It used to be a lot more difficult to get a job on the Supreme Court. Justice Bork was the last supreme court justice who went under the traditional scrutiny and he failed and was rejected. After that the Republican Justices started to refuse to answer questions about how they would rule. Bork actually answered how he would rule on various issues like abortion. Bork was straightforward about what his judicial principles were and offered to apply them to hypothetical cases.

Now the justices refuse to do any of that. Kavanaugh won't say a single thing about what his principles are. 98% of the opinions and law journal articles Kavanaugh wrote, which would give us an insight into what he believes, have been stricken from the record by the Republican process lead by Grassley and McConnell.

The GOP are acting like the confirmation hearing takes place in some fantasy land that the rest of America isn't watching. They are only allowing one day of hearing and are refusing to hear the other 2 women who have come forward with similiar stories about Kavanaugh, one of which includes gang rape. They aren't talking about any of the accusations that are coming out about Yale and Amy Chua that prove that Kavanaugh would only hire women with a "certain look" defined by being pretty and wearing short skirts. Obviously, all of this supports the accusations of Ford and yet only Ford is being allowed to speak and only for 1 day.

The level of government accountability has hit an ALL TIME LOW. After this confirmation, if Kavanaugh makes it through, Americans will absoluately hate their congress (which they already pretty much do) and they will HATE THE SUPREME COURT. If Kananaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court, no one will respect the Supreme Court anymore and that's a big problem.

Right now the Supreem Court has lost its legitimacy by drifting so far right wing. Citizens United already severely undermined the Court. And now they're increasingly taking away abortion rights which will alienate the women in America, who the GOP seems to forget is over 50% of the electorate. The Court is seen now as the agent of the super rich, the mega corporations, and the GOP social fascists. With Kavanaugh on there it will be the court of rapists and liars.

The only way Kavanaugh will make it on the court is by a razor thin margin. In the days of the filibuster, he would not have been able to get by. This is not a good way to choose justices. If Kavanaugh had survived a filibuster, at least the GOP could say that Democrats also approved him. Now the GOP will have to admit the Supreme Court is completely politically biased. Once the court is considered biased, it is meaningless. It will no longer have any power since it will no longer really be a 3rd branch of the government. Kavanaugh's appointment wouldn't just destroy the Supreme Court. It would destroy the entire judiciary branch as outlined in the US Constitution thereby destroying our Constitution itself.

Also, why doesn't the Supreme Court allow video? Why all the secrecy? It sure doesn't look like they feel comfortable with transparency.

The Constitution depends upon separation of powers and each branch checking the other. With a Supreme Court that is an offshoot of the President's Executive branch, there is no longer separation of powers. The Supreme Court cannot check Donald Trump's Presidential Power because they're essentially just a GOP rubber-stamp kangaroo-court now.

This all comes on the heels of stealing Obama's Supreme Court Justice pick from him. Merrit Garland - who was appointed by Obama to fill the Supreme Court, was refused a hearing by the Republican Congress for a year. Because the GOP controls the Senate and House they could forstall his confirmation for much longer than a filibuster could have. They were able to stall for a year until Trump came in and then filled the seat with his GOP pick, Neil Gorsuch.