During WWII, the illuminati tried to come into America via Mexico. Mexican Zoot Suits would come into Los Angeles and sell drugs and pimp women. The mexicans were all dickless ballless rats with tails. They were all descended from Spanish inbred jews with no dicks.

US Soldiers returning from WWII didn't like see Catholic Illuminati's coming into their neighborhoods and destroying them so they started beating up the Mexico Zoot Suits. The episode became known as the Zoot Suit Riots as WWII vets would come from all over the country to LA just to kick Mexico Zoot Suit illuminatis ass. The riots particularily flared up in 1943.

The illuminati has white washed the Zoot Suit Riots and made them seem like some random form of racism but they were not. It was reported that the service man often stripped the Zoot Suits of their suits and left them naked. This was to show everyone that they didn't have any dicks. It's also been reported that the people who wore Zoot Suits were black. In chicago that was true, but not in LA. All the Zoot Suit kids were Mexicans.

The Zoot Suit Riots was a case of vigilante justice. The Vets knew that the Mexicans were all illuminati Nazis the same people they had been fighting in Europe. The same people who they had sacrificed their lives to kick out of Europe and now they were coming into America. The Vets knew that LA was an illuminati town who protected satanists like the Mexicans. Despite this, they came from all over the country to beat the shit out of Mexicans in LA. They killed many of them.

The illuminatis were also rouned up on busses and sent back to Mexico. The illuminati thinks they can fuck with our immigration, but ultimately people will take control of their country - even if it means killing people on the street. The mexicans and other illegal immigrants who the illuminati plans to send up to America to disrupt our democracy should remember the lesson of the Zoot Suit Riots. They should also remember they are small people and easily beaten up.