Acid Flashbacks don't happen, that's a illuminati propaganda myth spread by the CIA to get people to stop taking LSD. LSD wasn't officially illegal until the 1990s - that's because it isn't bad for you. Besides the obvious - that you shouldn't operate machinary while on it - LSD is perfectly safe.

The CIA created the myth of flashbacks and said that LSD is stored in your body and releases itself randomly, and you could trip all of a sudden without taking Acid like 10 years later. That's all bullshit. LSD doesn't stay in your system, the same way coke doesn't stay in your system. Why wouldn't coke be stored the same way? It obviously isn't, XTC isn't stored in your body either.

You can't have a "flashback" to a drug. The entire idea of a flashback was invented by the CIA and is borrowed from the terminology of film and narrative - a flashback in film is going back in time to experience something. An ACID flashback by extension was a flashback to being high on ACID but somehow this flashback also caused you to be high on acid again.

The original story the CIA told (via college spies) was that every time you took acid it was stored in your fat so if you did it a lot you'd start getting flashbacks like 30 years older when your body started aging so you could have a flashback way after you were even doing drugs anymore - way past your college years.

The CIA loves LSD - they used it in their MK-ULTRA experiments, but they only like to use it as a brainwashing technique. They don't like its spiritual aspects. LSD is like a portal into God's world - the same as mescaline (Peyote). It's a step further in that direction than Marijuana or XTC. The CIA only likes using it to try and brainwash people combined with psychological torture while tripping.

The CIA wanted to keep LSD out of the hands of college kids so they created the entire myth of the flashback by borrowing from film terminology. The CIA is very proud that they've duped people for so long and you have to admit the lie is pretty convincing once you get a bunch of college age CIA spies spreading the story around campuses world wide.

The myth was so successful that the US government decided they didn't have to regulate LSD like they did Marijuana and Heroin. The CIA wanted to protect LSD because they were using it alot themselves and it was easier for them if it wasn't a banned substance. The Story in turn resulted in LSD not being popular on college campuses.

Owlsley was the Grateful Dead's acid guy supplied 98% of the LSD to America throughout the 1990s until he was shut down in 2001. AFter that LSD has almost been impossible to find on the drug market. No one really knew how to make it anymore because Owlsley had been handling the supply for the entire country since the 1970s.

When Big Blue took control in 2000 and decided to get LSD away from all humans except his CIA torturers he took Owlsely down. Once he was down there wasn't anyone with the knowledge to replace him - he was taken prisoner and forced into a concentration camp while his staff were murdered. No one was left with any knowledge of how to manufacture LSD.

Big Blue hates LSD becuase it's a very forgving drug for humans. People are doing a lot of studies right now on LSD for people dying. End of life experiences people find are easier to deal with after having tripped on LSD. Also people with post traumatic stress disorders from war, rape, or child hood trauma can be relieved by taking LSD a couple of times. LSD is like being on a spirit quest - it allows you to find what you need to find from God.

LSD can't really be abused. Like marijuana people don't beat other people or rape them on LSD. You are vulnerable while tripping so it's important to make sure you're safe, but the drug has no harmful effects.

Ideally everyone should do LSD at least once like a vision quest - Steve Jobs did LSD repeatedly while in college. LSD can also be a fun party drug as people in the 60s discovered. Now we just need to get Owlsely out from the CONCENTRATION CAMP.