The Illuminati are not just trying to kill African Americans off, they are trying to kill white American men off as well and to a lesser extent women as well. Life expectancy for white american males declined for the first time in history recently. This means that men who are born today are likely to die earlier than their parents or grandparents.

Much of this decrease in life expectancy is because of the opiod crisis in white America. The illuminati doctors intentionally over prescribed opiods to addict white Americans to heroin. When addicts of opiods run out of money they have to switch to heroin because it's cheaper. The illuminati then spikes the heroin with things like Fentanyl to murder americans.

This was not something that happened historically, this was part of the illuminati NWO plan. The Japanese not only introduced the opiod crisis, they sell videos of people dieing being recorded on their cheap samsung TVs. Your electronics are all set up to spy on you. The Japanese take the footage of Americans dying or fighting, or even just crying and they sell them to the other Japanese the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other higher ups in the illuminati.

The Germans invented the word Shadenfreude. It means to take enjoyment in others suffering and that's what the illiuminati is all about. They introduced the opiod epidemic to create misery in america. Misery that is recorded by our phones, ipads, TVs, home security systems, etc. You are being recorded all the time. They sell naked pictures of us. They sell video of couples having sex in the intimacy of their bedroom being recorded by the TV they put in their bedroom to watch TV late at night.

Among Americans, the decline in life expectancy was concentrated among people in their 20s and 30s, and was largely due to a rise in opioid overdose deaths, according to report authors Jessica Ho, from the University of Southern California, and Arun Hendi, of Princeton University.

They noted that life expectancy in the United States and the United Kingdom continued to decline in 2016, which raises questions about future trends.

The second study found that death rates among Americans ages 25 to 64 rose between 1999 and 2016. Drug overdoses, suicides and alcoholism were the main reasons for this increase, but this age group also had a significant increase in deaths from heart, lung and other organ diseases.

"The opioid epidemic is the tip of an iceberg," study author Dr. Steven Woolf, from Virginia Commonwealth University, said in a news release from BMJ. Both studies were published Aug. 15 in the journal.

Woolf's research also found that rising death rates in this age group include all racial and ethnic groups, reversing years of progress in lowering death rates among black and Hispanic adults.

Death rates were higher among men than women, but the relative increase in drug overdose deaths and suicides was greater in women. That finding matches other research showing an increasing health disadvantage among American women, according to Woolf and his team.