Monsanto is an evil Illuminati Company who is poisoning America and the rest of the world

Monsanto is an evil, evil company. When people are asked to name the most evil company, Monsanto always tops the list. Founded in 1901, Monsanto produced Agent Orange during Vientnam as well its main poison, Dioxin. Monsanto sold DDT, PCBs, the controversial dairy cow hormone, rBGH, and the cancer-linked Aspartame sweetener. Basically, Monsanto has come up with horrible chemicals to kill and poison people for over 100 years. The Illuminati has controlled them that whole time. There is a reason they're called MonSATAN.

Monsanto has always been an evil illuminati company. It was founded by a member of the Knights of the Malta. The Knights Of Malta are an arcane lay religious order that traces its history to the Crusades and the Illuminati.

Monsanto has always used the Illuminati NWO power structures to protect itself in America. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas represented Monsanto. Hillary Clinton and her law firm had Monsanto as their primary client.

The documentary Food, Inc does a great job of exposing the evils of Monsanto's influence on our food supply.

Monsanto poduces Roundup which is a pestice that American farmers use all the time. Roundup is marketed as a safe pesticide but it isn't - it causes all sorts of health problems including cancer. Roundup has been shown to cause Infertility, Kidney disease, Birth defects, Severe gastrointestinal ailments, Parkinson's Disease, Cancer and Nervous system damage Roundup was designed by the Illuminati to murder Americans and other people thoughout the world.

This year, it was revealed that the chemical ingredient glyphosate in Roundup is in all of our food. US government scientists have detected a weedkiller linked to cancer in an array of commonly consumed foods, emails obtained through a freedom of information request show.

Glyphosate is best known as the main ingredient in Monsanto Co's Roundup brand. More than 200m pounds are used annually by US farmers on their fields. The weedkiller is sprayed directly over some crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat and oats. Many farmers also use it on fields before the growing season, including spinach growers and almond producers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been testing food samples for residues of glyphosate, the active ingredient in hundreds of widely used herbicide products, for two years, but has not yet released any official results. But the internal documents obtained by the Guardian show the FDA has had trouble finding any food that does not carry traces of the pesticide.

"I have brought wheat crackers, granola cereal and corn meal from home and there's a fair amount in all of them," FDA chemist Richard Thompson wrote to colleagues in an email last year regarding glyphosate.

The FDA is charged with annually testing food samples for pesticide residues to monitor for illegally high residue levels. The fact that the agency only recently started testing for glyphosate, a chemical that has been used for over 40 years in food production, has led to criticism from consumer groups and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Calls for testing grew after the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen in 2015. The FDA is an Illuminati bureaucracy that is attempting to kill us. Their regulations and rules are lies. They protect Monsanto and other evil Illuminati companies.

Separately, FDA chemist Narong Chamkasem found "over-the-tolerance" levels of glyphosate in corn, detected at 6.5 parts per million, an FDA email states. The legal limit is 5.0 ppm. An illegal level would normally be reported to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but an FDA supervisor wrote to an EPA official that the corn was not considered an "official sample".

Other findings detailed in the FDA documents show that in 2016 Chamkasem found glyphosate in numerous samples of honey. Chamkasem also found glyphosate in oatmeal products. The FDA temporarily suspended testing after those findings, and Chamkasem's lab was "reassigned to other programs", the FDA documents show. The FDA has said those tests were not part of its official glyphosate residue assignment.

Roundup - Monsanto's product - has been tied directly to cancer. It also has been implicated in many other diseases and health problems. Celiac disease is also caused by Monsanto and Roundup. Since the introduction of glyphosate-based herbicides, like Roundup by Monsanto in the 1970s, celiac disease levels have increased 400%. Celiac disease patients have an increased risk to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which has also been implicated in glyphosate exposure. Reproductive issues associated with celiac disease, such as infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects, can also be explained by glyphosate.

Roundup and other pesticides also cause genetic conditions like hermaphroditeness in people and other animals.

On 18 June, Johnson will become the first person to take the global seed and chemical company to trial on allegations that it has spent decades hiding the cancer-causing dangers of its popular Roundup herbicide products – and his case has just received a major boost.

Last week Judge Curtis Karnow issued an order clearing the way for jurors to consider not just scientific evidence related to what caused Johnson's cancer, but allegations that Monsanto suppressed evidence of the risks of its weed killing products. Karnow ruled that the trial will proceed and a jury would be allowed to consider possible punitive damages.

"The internal correspondence noted by Johnson could support a jury finding that Monsanto has long been aware of the risk that its glyphosate-based herbicides are carcinogenic … but has continuously sought to influence the scientific literature to prevent its internal concerns from reaching the public sphere and to bolster its defenses in products liability actions," Karnow wrote. "Thus there are triable issues of material fact."

Johnson had a job as a groundskeeper for the Benicia unified school district where he applied numerous treatments of Monsanto's herbicides to school properties from 2012 until at least late 2015. He was healthy and active before he got the cancer diagnosis in August 2014. In a January deposition, Johnson's treating physician testified that more than 80% of his body was covered by lesions, and that he probably had but a few months to live. Johnson has improved since starting a new drug treatment in November but remains too weak sometimes to even speak or get out of bed, his attorneys and doctors state in court filings.

Johnson's case, filed in San Francisco county superior court in California, is at the forefront of a legal fight against Monsanto. Some 4,000 plaintiffs have sued Monsanto alleging exposure to Roundup caused them, or their loved ones, to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Another case is scheduled for trial in October, in Monsanto's home town of St Louis, Missouri.

The lawsuits challenge Monsanto's position that its herbicides are proven safe and assert that the company has known about the dangers and hidden them from regulators and the public. The litigants cite an assortment of research studies indicating that the active ingredient in Monsanto's herbicides, a chemical called glyphosate, can lead to NHL and other ailments. They also cite research showing glyphosate formulations in its commercial-end products are more toxic than glyphosate alone. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen in 2015.

Monsanto "championed falsified data and attacked legitimate studies" that revealed dangers of its herbicides, and led a "prolonged campaign of misinformation" to convince government agencies, farmers and consumers that Roundup was safe, according to Johnson's lawsuit.

"We look forward to exposing how Monsanto hid the risk of cancer and polluted the science," said Michael Miller, Johnson's attorney. "Monsanto does not want the truth about Roundup and cancer to become public."

How the Johnson lawsuit plays out could be a bellwether for how other plaintiffs proceed. If Johnson prevails, there could be many more years of costly litigation and hefty damage claims.


Atrazine, a top selling weed killer in the United States and the world, has been found to dramatically affect the sexual development of male frogs, turning them into hermaphrodites - creatures with both male and female organs - at concentrations 30 times lower than those deemed safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"What struck us as unbelievable was that atrazine could cause such dramatic effects at such low levels," says Tyrone Hayes, an associate professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, who led the frog study. "If you take five grains of salt, divide this weight by five thousand, that is the amount of atrazine that causes these abnormalities," added Hayes.

Hayes' team has also discovered that leopard frogs, native to the United States, living near atrazine-contaminated ponds in the Midwest show the same hermaphrodite abnormalities as the atrazine-exposed animals in his lab.

In 2012, Syngenta, manufacturer of atrazine, was the defendant in a class-action lawsuit concerning the levels of atrazine in human water supplies. Syngenta agreed to pay $105 million to reimburse more than one thousand water systems for "the cost of filtering atrazine from drinking water". The company denied all wrongdoing.

Roundup was about to be completely banned in Europe in 2016 when the American EPA intervened on behalf of Monsanto and got them to disavow the cancer study that was sweeping the news at the time. The European Food Safety Authority dismissed a study linking glyphosate to cancer following counsel with an EPA official allegedly linked to Monsanto and who figures in more than 20 lawsuits Jess Rowlands, the former head of the EPA's cancer assessment review committee (CARC), who figures in more than 20 lawsuits had previously told Monsanto he would try to block a US government inquiry into the issue.

Previously, Monsanto lobbyists had been so obnoxious in their attempts to defend Roundup that they were actually banned from the European Parliament. Monsanto lobbyists have been banned from entering the European parliament after the multinational refused to attend a parliamentary hearing into allegations of regulatory interference. Monsanto spends between $300,000-$400,000 annually on lobbying in Europe, according to its self-declaration form in the EU transparency register.

Monsanto is also destroying world agriculture through it's genetical modified crops. Monsanto's actions are designed to maximize its corporate profits, not to serve the people. Its entire seed-and-herbicide business model is designed to trap farmers in a system of economic dependence... to turn farmers into indentured servants who can never return to traditional farming after their soil has been destroyed with Roundup.

Monsanto does not create technology and then share wisdom with farmers; instead the company patents its GE seeds and thereby claims monopolistic ownership over them. When Monsanto's GMO seeds blow into the fields of farmers who are trying to avoid growing GMOs, Monsanto uses its patent "rights" to sue the farmers and claim they "stole" Monsanto property!

Roundup herbicide devastates soils, rendering them contaminated and unable to produce healthy crops using traditional (or organic) farming methods. Once a farm plot is destroyed with Roundup, that farmer is forever enslaved to a chemical-based farming protocol. It's unhealthy, it's a disaster to the environment, and the actual crop yields are LOWER than with organic farming, over a period of five years or more. By encouraging farmers to spray literally millions of acres of farmland with Roundup, Monsanto is engaged in a conspiracy to destroy our agricultural heritage and turn us all into "food slaves" that must pay tribute to Mon-satan.

When Monsanto comes into an area and convinces the farmers to switch to their Bio-engineered crops, the variety of plants has now been reduced and should a pest be introduced that targets the Monsanto plants, all the crops will die at once. And Monsanto not only bio-engineers plants, they bio-engineer pests as well. If they Illuminati wants them to, they can decimate their new genetically engineered crops anytime they want. Not only can this be used as coercion by the Illuminati but they can also manipulate commodity markets this way. Soybean commodities are all manipulated by the Illuminati through Monsanto. Monsanto can cause scarcity whenever and wherever they want with their bio-engineered crops.

The so-called "science" coming out of Monsanto is some of the most inane, malicious and brutally deceptive junk science ever fabricated by corporate science sellouts. Instead of testing GMOs for long durations on animals, Monsanto-funded scientists test GMOs for a mere 90 days and then adamantly declare the food to be "safe" for a lifetime of consumption by humans. It's no wonder they didn't run long-term tests: The real acceleration in cancer tumors only emerged after the 90-day milestone in rats.

Additionally, Monsanto is engaged in a project that is at odd with our Creator. MonSATAN is an Illuminati company that believes the Illuminati idiots are gods and they have the right to modify creation. They want to change creation so the Illuminati can make money off of seeds - seeds that used to be exchanged freely and were given to us by God.