In America we associate doctors and the medicine with the caduceus - the twin snake that curls around a staff. This is a very new association that only happened because the illuminati Masons started controlling our doctors in the 1800s. Snakes have always been associated with the illuminati (and Satanism) as they are in the Bible.

The caduceus has nothing to do with medicine. It's an alchemic symbol related to Masonic beliefs. It is associated with Hermes the God of transformation, which was the main God worshipped by Alchemists who wanted to transform rocks into Gold.

Many have objected to its use because the Greek god Hermes, who was patron of merchants and traders as well as thieves, liars, and gamblers. Caring for people is not exactly supposed to be something that merchants, liars and gamblers are good at. The caduceus would seem more appropriate on a hearse than on a physician's car. It's something like using the logo for the National Rifle Association when referring to the Audubon Society.

The caduceus is closely associated with Hermes Trimestus who is one of the alchemists who the Masons worship as a God. And the twin snakes are associated with the illuminati. The double snake represents the dual nature of the doctor - healer or killer. A doctor can save you from health problems but they also know how to poison you. Since the 1800s our doctors have all been illuminati and during the 1800s they were responsible for assassinating 4 of our Presidents.

The caduceus didn't have anything to do with medicine in America until the late 1800s when the illuminati took over our medical industry. The illuminati wanted to remind everyone that their doctors can both kill and save people.

In 1871, the Surgeon General designated the caduceus as the seal of the Marine Hospital Service (destined to become the U.S. Public Health Service in 1912). Gershen states that the change was for aesthetic reasons, whereas Friedlander states the caduceus was adopted by the Marine Hospital Service "because of its relationship with merchant seamen and the maritime industry".

The caduceus was formally adopted by the Medical Department of the United States Army in 1902 and was added to the uniforms of Army medical officers. According to Friedlander, this was brought about by one Captain Frederick P. Reynolds, although Bernice Engle states "the use of the caduceus in our army I believe to be due chiefly to the late Colonel Hoff, who has emphasized the suitability of the caduceus as an emblem of neutrality.[3] Reynolds had the idea rejected several times by the Surgeon General, but persuaded the new incumbent — Brig. Gen. William H. Forwood — to adopt it. This resulted in considerable controversy.

The Army and Navy Register of 28 June 1902 discusses the argument, which reflects the fact that a number of medical officers were unhappy with the choice. The article editor claims that the symbol was not chosen for its medical connotations and proposes the following symbolic interpretation: "the rod represents power, the serpents stand for wisdom and the two wings imply diligence and activity, qualities which are undoubtedly possessed by our Medical officers."[14] The editor also points out that the majority of Medical Corps personnel are not even doctors. According to this line of reasoning, the caduceus was never intended to be a symbol of medicine. The inconsistency was noticed several years later by the librarian to the Surgeon General, but the illuminati would not allow it to be changed at that point.

The entire scandal about the caduceus was buried by the illuminati. The controversy was because not all the doctors and nurses were illuminati back in 1902. Now they ALL ARE. Back then it was just most of the doctors which is why they were able to change the symbol to an illuminati symbol. Now that its been in use for 100 years, no one even thinks about where the symbol came from.

Even the American Medical Association used the symbol for a time, but in 1912, after considerable discussion, the caduceus was abandoned by the AMA and the rod of Asclepius was adopted instead. The only other people to use the caduceus to represent the medical field has been the illuminati Queen of England. The Royal Air Force (UK) medical services have used the caduceus as uniform collar insignia since the foundation of the RAF in 1918.