AIDS first appeared in Africa. The illuminati actually bio-engineered AIDS and then released it first in Africa to "test it" for the target population of African Americans. The CIA and NSA along with the German Nazis and Israelies created AIDS as a bio-weapon against gay people and Africans/African Americans. They also created a cure so that they can control the weapon and use it as blackmail against people.

Many people who have AIDS are told by the illuminati that they will be cured if they submit to the Satanists. They are then given the cure. If they rebel, they are given AIDS again and told to submit or they will not be given the cure again. AIDS was used as a torture weapon in GITMO. Inmates were given AIDS and told they would die from it unless they gave up information. The NSA uses AIDS intentionally and spreads it in America and worldwide in order to have the disease to leverage people with.

For a long time there have been rumors that the CIA created AIDS and the Crack Epidepic as a racist war against African-Americans in the ghetto. That is only part of the story. The larger story is that AIDS is a bioweapon the illuminati created to attack people in the world who rebel against the illuminati. They have a cure which they refuse to share with the world.

Like cancer treatment, AIDS treatment is extremely lucrative for the illuminati doctors. They make money for years of costly and experimental treatments. The doctors are making all of this money off of suffering when they know there is a cure for AIDS the illuminati refuses to give the world. The Medical system in America and worldwide is sick. Doctors have for thousands of years been known as not just healers but the causes of sickness and disease. Medical knowledge works both ways - it can save life and take it away.

The illuminati doctors have become profiteers of misery and death. They make more money off the disease than the cure. This makes them unwilling to ever allow the cures to have daylight for the rest of the world. While the rest of the world dies from AIDS and CANCER, the illuminati profit from them and cure themselves if they ever get sick.

Reagan instituted a ban on people travelling with AIDS in 1987. Anyone with AIDS was not allowed to immigrate to the US or even visit. That ban was only lifted 30 years later with Obama. In 1987, the US banned HIV positive persons from arriving in the US. The laws were influenced by illuminati homophobic and xenophobic sentiment towards Africans and minorities. President Barack Obama lifted the ban in 2009.

By giving people AIDS and then taking away their right to travel, the illuminati targeted gay people, african-americans, people from Africa and made it impossible for them to use their rights and travel freely. That's how the illuminati works. They are always looking for ways to control people and take away freedom.