The thing that unites the illuminati is that they have no sexual organs. The men have no dicks or balls, the women have no vaginas. They can't procreate naturally because God wants to kill them off on Earth.

The Crazy illuminati has decided that their lack of sexual organs make them Gods. They think that anyone with natural sexual organs must be eliminated. The Holocaust part of the illuminati NWO invovles a killing off of anyone with natural sexual organs, except for their sexual male slaves who will forced to have homosexual sex with them.

Not content to wait for when they can murder Americans in concentration camps, the illuminati has been poisoning Americans for decades now with poisons that destroy their sexual organs. BPA - the chemical in soft plastics - causes children to develop into hermaphrodites.

All plastics you use to store foot leach into the food they are storing. Plastic is not like glass, plastics leach into things whereas glass remains separate. It's long been known that bits of plastic get into our food from containers. The process is called "leaching" or "migration." The chemical industry acknowledges that you can't avoid this transfer, noting on its web site that "[v]irtually all food packaging materials contain substances that can migrate into the food they contact."

BPA has a nasty tendency to break down over time, and since it’s used to harden food and beverage containers, this can mean that the BPA is absorbed by the food or drink that was being contained. So when you eat food or drink that’s been stored in containers comprised of BPA, you run the chance of consuming BPA.

Ingesting food or drink containing BPA isn’t the only way for you to be exposed to unhealthy amounts. BPA can also be absorbed through the skin when you handle items containing high amounts, such as the thermal paper used for printing receipts. Exposure can also occur when you use skin products that were stored in containers that used BPA. These products absorb the BPA in a similar way to the food and drink that we discussed earlier. On top of that, skin care products usually contain “dermal penetration enhancers”, chemicals used to increase product absorption, which subsequently increase BPA absorption.

Heating food in plastic seems to increase the amount that's transferred to food. Leaching also increases when plastic touches fatty, salty, or acidic foods.

The illuminati refuse to let scientists study the negative effects of these plastics. "There is very little published research on the potential adverse health effects of chemicals that leach from plastic food containers, so it's difficult to say they're safe with any degree of certainty, especially with long-term use," says Anila Jacob, MD, senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group.

BPA is the worst of these chemicals. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a material used in hard, lightweight plastics called polycarbonates. Some baby bottles and water bottles are made from bisphenol A. Enormous amounts of BPA are produced each year -- about 6 billion pounds.

Although bisphenol A came to fame on the nightly news as a potential poison in our water bottles, our main exposure comes from the linings of canned foods, according to Vandenberg, who studies BPA.

"Over a dozen studies clearly show that BPA is not only leaching from cans, but it reaches the food stored inside," says Vandenberg.

The BPA we ingest gets into our bloodstream. Regular monitoring by the CDC shows that more than 90% of us have detectable levels of bisphenol A in our bodies.

Among all the other plastic substances that get into our food, BPA stands out, according to Vandenberg, for its ability to disrupt the functions of hormones -- especially estrogen.

The reason that Trans surgeries are becoming such a big thing is because the illuminati is destroying the natural biology of our children. Their sexual hormones are getting screwed up with BPA resulting in children who are inbewteen male and female hormonally. This is leading to more and more people later in life taking control of their hormones and deciding their sex with trans surgeries.

Hundreds of studies show that high doses of BPA disrupt reproductive development and function in laboratory animals. Levels in humans were thought to be too low to be of concern, but more recent research has challenged that perception, Vandenberg tells WebMD.

"Several animal studies suggest that BPA has effects at much lower doses than previously believed," says Vandenberg. "The levels of BPA in people frequently exceed the levels shown to have effects in rodents in these studies," she adds. A new study in a prestigious journal also shows the low-dose BPA effect not just in rats but in monkeys, whose systems are more like humans.

The illuminati plastics industry has blocked banning BPA. Despite the growing scientific evidence, the government has done nothing to protect people from BPA.

BPA disrupts male and female hormones and sexual systems and leads to male infertility. BPA is what’s known as an “endocrine disruptor”. This means that when high amounts of it are consumed or absorbed, BPA mimics estrogen. It binds to estrogen receptors, leading to an increase in estrogen levels and causing an imbalance in your hormones. This leads to impaired testosterone production. Since healthy testosterone levels are crucial to sperm production, a lack of testosterone significantly impacts sperm quality.

One study found that men with high traces of BPA in their urine had 23% lower sperm concentration, 13% decline in morphology, a 7.5% decrease is sperm motility, and a 10% increase in sperm DNA damage. The effects of BPA have lead to a decrease in Male fertility thoughout America.

BPA also leads to testicular cancer and genital birth deffects (eg hermaphroditism, being born with a penis, balls or vagina). The illuminati are all born with these genital birth defects because of their centuries of inbreeding. Now they want to make American children and children all over the world hermpahrodites like them.