Tobacco is good. God gave us Tobacco as a gift just like he gave us marijuana.

Genesis 1:29 - And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth.

Tobacco makes you more rational. It decreases emotional thoughts that can make you make a bad decision. That's why Native Americans smoked the peace pipe when making agreements between warring parties. They wanted to make sure that both sides were acting rationally and the peace would be kept.

The illuminati doesn't want us to be rational. They don't want people to think for themselves or make good decisions. They trade on propaganda and lies and people who smoke are less likely to be duped by their deception. Since the 1950s, the illuminati, who control our doctors and entire medical establishment have created a massive propaganda campaign to try and elliminate all tobacco smoking in the United States.

Fascist Germany was actually the first place that the Illuminati anti-smoking campaign got some traction. Hitler told the Germans that tobacco was bad.

The truth is that tobacco is only bad for you if you are a bad person. Just as it makes the human brain more rational and draws out the truth, tobacco also makes your body reflect the truth of your spiritual health. Sinners who smoke manifest cancer in their bodies over time because the tobacco is tranforming their bodies into the truth of what they are. They are sick morally, so their bodies become sick over time.

Science doesn't want to admit that our spiritual well being has an impact on our physical well being. To anyone who thinks about it, it's obvious that being a good person has positive health consequences. Being bad and sinning creates stress because naturally we want to be good. This stress is what is responsible for 90% of our maladies.

Cancer is a disease that takes a long time to manifest because God wants to give us all the choice to not be sinners. If you purify your soul and repent of sin and understand the way of God, you can beat your cancer. Doctors don't cure cancer, they make it worse. They make a lot of money off of cancer and they want to drag out cancer and make it worse. Nicotine is not addictive, that is a complete fabrication by the illuminati scientists. The illuminati scientists faked all the data on nicotine addiction. The scientists tested cigarettes from Phillip Morris (illuminati tobacco company) that were filled with other substances that are addictive (the tar part). The cigarette makers put the same chemicals into the cigarettes to make them addictive. Tobacco and nicotine are not addictive in themselves.

When you think about Native Americans, does chronic tobacco abuse come to mind? NO. Do you think about all those Native Americans who were just addicted to the peace pipe? No one says all those Native Americans were all addicted to the tobacco in their peace pipes, that's why they all died out. Native Americans never had any addiction problems with tobacco, so why would Americans? The truth is that tobacco is not addictive.

The illuminati got Americans (and everyone in the world really) to switch from smoking pipes with tobacco to smoking cigarettes precisely because they wanted to pack this addictive stuff into the cigarettes. Most Americans started smoking after WWII because during WWII Marlboro packs were handed out for free to the soldiers. Before that, most Americans were pipe smokers just as the Europeans had smoked pipes since the days of Shakespeare. When you get your tobacco in its natural form and you smoke it in a pipe, you know exactly what you are smoking. That's why the illuminati wanted to switch us all over to cigarettes.

The risks of "Second Hand Smoke" are also a complete illuminati propaganda lie. No one gets cancer - not even bad people who would get it, if they smoked cigarettes - no one gets cancer from second hand smoke. Neither does it cause allergies or asthma or bronchitis. These are all lies the illuminati scientists and doctors have spread to try and make it impossible for Americans to smoke tobacco.

Right now, WE TAX THE SHIT out of cigarettes. The illuminati have used their false cigarettet propaganda to make it super expensive to buy a pack of cigs. In CA it costs 10 dollars for a pack of cigarettes that would cost 1 dollar without all the taxes at the CA and Federal level.

Besides dissuading people from buying cigarettes in general, this taxation is specifically targetted at Americans poor who the illuminati have always wanted to control like slaves. It's a lot easier to dupe poor people when they can't use tobacco to help clear their brains of illuminati lies. Why do we end up with the Anti-Christ Donald Trump convincing poor Americans that he's on their side, when the New York, billionaire con man is obviously on the side of big business and the 1%? It has a big deal to do with the campaign to stop poor Americans from smoking tobacco.