Our body is designed to eat just meat, nuts and fruit if we want. That is the truth in the Paleo Diet.

Vegatables are supposed to be for a more nuanced type of life. If you have paranormal powers, but even if you don't, vegatables give you certain powers.

Brutes are designed to just eat animals, nuts and fruit. People who are dumb but need energy to fuel their bodies.

Normal people are designed for diets of animals, fruits and carbohydrates like flours and rice. Carbohydrates help to feed the brain. They make you more rational and improve your mental powers. Fruit makes you feel refreshed and younger. Nuts make you resolute.

Smarter people, some of whom have supernatural powers, are designed to eat animals, carbohydrates and vegatables.

Some vegatables are poisonous, which is why smarter people were designed for vegatbles and other's were not.

The illuminati began a campaign to make people eat more vetatavles (which is why Hitler was a Vegetarian). Literally, Hitler was supposed to be an advertising campaign for Vegetarianism.

The ultimate plan was to move everyone to Veganism so that we would be weaker physically and not as able to resist the concentration camps or the gestapo. That is the reason Western vegetarianism was created (though in India and elsewhere it was a similiar story - illuminati leaders believed that keeping people from eating meat was half a step to starving the people and everyone knows starved people are easier to keep slaves.)

The illuminati hates the beach boys. They were like their worst nightmare in the 1960s, cool clean cut surfer dudes who smoked weed and talked about experimenting with LSD. Their music was musically nuanced and progressive but also sheer beauty and commercially appealing.

The harmonics made it accessible for the older generation while the young people loved it just as much if not more - they could dance out to the more rockier tunes;)_ Everyone liked the beach boys, African Americans too. They were great guys, a bunch of them brothers from a cool family. For pete's sake, they were surfers who created amazing music in the 1960s - what wasn't their to love?

They always tried to disrupt them and attack them anyway they could. They wouldn't let them release most of their material - espcially the rockier songs like Good Vibrations. There is literally an entire vault of Beach Boys music like Good Vibrations that the illuminati has never let see the light of day.

The Beach Boys wouldn't let the illuminati determine what music they made, but they couldn't make sure that the material would reach the public. Which is why so much of Good Vibrations like material has been kept from the world.

The Beach Boys couldn't control the illuminati run music publishing business, but the stuff that got released was exactly what they wanted to do - except lyrics, the illuminati changes all the song lyrics and in the 1960s there was no way around this.

They did however make a few exceptions and they're advertisment for Vegatables they made for the illuminati was one exception. Notice on this cover art that Smiley Smile has snakes that look green for the S's.

Of course, back then, they didn't realize the illuminati would try and transition us all to Veganism so they could control us more easily. They didn't see that vegatarianism was designed to make us dependent and that veganism was designed to make us slaves.

The Potatoe is a holy vegatable which is why we all love it so much. Potatoes' have black eyes in them that are poisonous. The black eyes must be removed in order to eat a potatoe. If you make french fries yourself at home you have to remove the black eyes. The skin actually has a lot of good nutrients in it, though when you fry it you burn a lot of them off.

Brian Wilson is not dead. He is being kept prisoner in Australia by the illuminati. They have him in a concentration camp in Australia like millions other Americans.