Steve Jobs was murdered by Tim Cook.  Cook poisoned him with plutonium in non traceable amounts. The illuminati had been trying to get rid of Steve Jobs for decades. They forced Steve out of Apple in the late 1980s.

The iphone has 5 backdoors in it - one for the NSA, one for the Russians, two for China (one for the communist party, one for the triads), and one for Israel.

Apple has been giving away it's intellectual property to China for a decade now. Everytime China builds a product it steals all the intellectual property. Allowing China to build the phones guaranteed that the phones would have Chinese back doors in them that allow the Chinese to steal anything from your phone. That's how the Chinese do everything.

Last year Apple under Tim Cook admitted Apple was slowing their older phones down to force people to buy their new phones. Why can't you replace batteries anyway in the iPhone?

Tim Cook is an idiot who hasn't come up with a single product for Apple. He has ridden Steve Jobs coattails and now Apple has stalled out and is crashing. Apple is a monopoly.

That monopoly power has lead to monopoly pricing for iPhones. Tim Cook wants you to shell out 1000% for an iPhone. A phone that he expects you to replace next year with another 1000 dollar phone with new gizmo features.