The Illuminati created Amazon to destroy America's economy. They chose the name Amazon because they wanted to obscure the deforestation issue in the Amazon rain basin. When you search for Amazon Rainforest right now you go to Amazon and see products related to rain forests. That's the only reason they chose that name. Jeff Bezos is an Illuminati power player who steals all of his ideas from people much smarter than him.

In 23 years of business, Amazon has never made a profit (the recent last couple of years where it appeared to eek out a profit in some quarters were accounting lies). Despite posting just a handful of profitable quarters in its two-decade history, Amazon is the fourth-largest public company at almost $470 billion in market capitalization. That simply makes no economic sense at all. At the beginning Amazon argued that it was pursuing growth and profit would later flow out of that growth but now they have almost no where left to grow and despite two decades to fine tune their business model they still make no profits.

The only reason Amazon exists is to destroy the American Economy. The Illuminati created Amazon to destroy the retail sector in America. So many small shops in America have closed because they've been driven out of business by Amazon competition. Competition from a monopoly who is getting subsidized by the US Government so their costs are guaranteed to be cheaper. All across America, mom and pop stores that used to line main streets are deserted and unable to find tenants. These small companies didn't all close because they were innefficient, they closed because they were forced to compete against a monopology that can undercut them on price because it's being subsidized by the US Government and Wall Street.

Amazon first sold books. The Illuminati hates books - knowledge is what they fear most. Having a bunch of small bookstores in America with people who know their books really well and can point other Americans to good books they could learn from or enjoy was a nightmare to the Illuminati. They had first created borders in the early 1990s to try and undercut all these small bookstores in America. When that only eliminated the bad stores, they came up with Amazon to really kill the entire bookstore sector in America.

That's back when Amazon paid NO SALES TAX AT ALL. This gave them a massive advantage over many small bookstores in America who had to pay sales tax on their books. The small bookstores had already been driven down to bare profitability by the volume selling of places like Borders and Barnes and Noble. With Amazon competing with no sales tax, it was like hitting a boxer who was already down. The only thing that saved bookstores is that many of their buyers were people who were afraid of computers or unwilling to adapt to them. Against the Illuminati's plans, bookstores are actually doing fairly well now at least in bigger cities, but that's after two decades of near extinction.

Once the Illuminati realized that Amazon had worked to kill the book sector, the illuminati expanded the model. They first moved into CDs and DVDs, movies and records. Those two creative fields, music and film were also early targets of Amazon. Amazon started negotiating lower prices with the movie studios to distribute their DVDs. Amazon's pricing undercut all the mom and pop stores in those industries as well and succeeded to put the nails in the coffin of the video rental store.

One by one, Amazon expanded their monopolistic predatory business model killing retails sectors of the American economy along the way. Department stores have all been going out of business because of Amazon. Amazon and other online sellers have decimated some sectors of the retail industry in the past few years. For instance, employment at department stores has plunged by 250,000 (or 14%) since 2012. Employment at clothing and electronics stores is down sharply from the earlier peaks as more sales move online.

The Amazon business model is a harbinger of wealth destruction. Main Street U.S.A. must now grapple with a new Illuminati normal. The sprawling commerce, traditional family atmosphere, quaint mom and pop stores, and even the Big Box emporiums are systematically being run out of town. In their place, abandoned streets, closed businesses, boarded up buildings, and escalating crime patterns. Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than the Chinese did.

Amazon is the ultimate Monopoly. It has become a store for everything - competing with the entire American economy that is not part of Amazon. Beyond retail, it started a cloud-computing business, a movie studio and a consumer electronics business. It started an ocean shipping company and an airline. It's even now making mundane stuff like batteries and skinny jeans. It's competing with almost all American companies.

The way that Amazon competes is not fair. It is not superior. It is a fraud. Amazon has been supported by the Illuminati stock market it's entire existence. That's why Amazon can have the market cap it does while never making a profit. Amazon's stock value is artificially inflated to allow them to have more money to destroy our economy.

Look at Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods for 13 Billion. The same day they bought Whole Foods, Amazon's stock went up 14 BILLION. As the financial reporter Ben Walsh pointed out on Twitter, this is the opposite of what's supposed to happen - normally, the acquiring company's share price falls after a major purchase. But not so in Amazon's case. Why? Because the Illuminati wanted to give them the money to make the purchase. By raising their stock 14 billion in one day the Illuminati is giving Amazon the money it needs to by Whole Foods in the first place. It's the tail wagging the dog.

Amazon's monopoly is subsidized by the US Government in two massive ways. First the US Post Office gives them a massive subsidy on each package they deliver for them. Amazon ships 40% of their packages through the US Postal Service. On each package, the US Government loses 1.46$. That's a 1.46$ on each package that the US Government just gives Amazon. The entire reason the US Post Office is open on Sundays is so that Amazon can deliver their packages. Amazon should be covering that entire cost but they pay for none of it. The US Postal Service lost 60 billion last year. The US Tax Payes are paying to give Amazon a competitive advantage in the market place only so Amazon can undercut our retail sector.

The second US Government subsidy is Amazon's avoidance of state sales tax. Amazon did pay any sales tax on what they sold for decades. Now they collectd sales tax in 45 states but they don't collect it on 3rd party sellers who sell through Amazon. Those sales are HALF of Amazon's sales. So Amazon is still not paying taxes on what they're selling. "There's no question that Amazon is capable of collecting these taxes," said Carl Davis, research director at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a nonprofit research organization. "It's just not doing so. And the result is a price advantage over other businesses."

Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post - which considering Amazon is an aggressive predatory monopoly - is HIGHLY SCARY AND UNAMERICAN.

Amazon has already used it's 95% market share of the book selling market to push publishers to the point of bankruptcy. Amazon wants to use their pricing pressure to make certain publishers unprofitable. Then they'll be forced out of business and those type of books will no longer get published at all. That's what thet whole dispute between New York book publisher Hatchett and Amazon was all about. In 2014, Amazon demanded a larger cut of the price of Hachette books it sells; when Hachette balked, Amazon began disrupting the publisher's sales. Hachette books weren't banned outright from Amazon's site, but Amazon began delaying their delivery, raising their prices, and/or steering customers to other publishers.

In negotiations with larger publishers, Brad Stone's "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon" claims Amazon kept demanding more as it got bigger: steeper discounts, longer periods to pay and better shipping. Mr. Bezos, Amazon's chief executive, then turned up the heat on the most vulnerable publishers — those most dependent on Amazon.

The company's relationship with those publishers was called the Gazelle Project after Mr. Bezos said Amazon "should approach these small publishers the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle." Amazon's lawyers demanded the Gazelle Project be renamed the Small Publishers Negotiation Program.

Mr. Stone writes that Randy Miller, an Amazon executive in charge of a similar program in Europe, "took an almost sadistic delight in pressuring book publishers to give Amazon more favorable financial terms." IMr. Miller would move their books to full price, take them off the recommendation engine or promote competing titles until he got better terms out of them, the book says.

"I did everything I could to screw with their performance," Mr. Miller told the writer. The program was called Pay to Play until the Amazon lawyers changed it to Vendor Realignment.

Amazon's absolute monopolostic control of the book selling market gives them way too much power over book publishers. Amazon overwhelmingly dominates online book sales, with a market share comparable to Standard Oil's share of the refined oil market when it was broken up in 1911. Even if you look at total book sales, Amazon is by far the largest player.

After almost breaking the New York publishers, Amazon added insult to injury by opening up a Brick and Mortar bookstore in the middle of NYC. Amazon's book store is THE WORST BOOK STORE EVER CREATED. All of the books face outwards, so customers get a good look at the cover. Signs underneath each book display the number of stars it's received on Amazon.com. But there isn't a price listed, which is intentional. No price? How do you buy your books without knowing which one is more expensive than the other? The store doesn't except cash either. You have to pay with Amazon prime (cheaper) or your credit card (more expensive).

Why show books face out rather than by the spine like you display your own books in your bookshself at home? Amazon says it promotes "discoverability". Every face-out has a small placard that features the book's star review and a short customer review. These are both presented as innovations, but they're really just very, very old bookstore conventions taken in a ridiculous direction. Why would I want to read 1 randomly picked review off of Amazon about a book?

Amazon sells a lot of things but they don't sell Alcohol or Tobacco. They claim this is because of the complexity of state laws on both, but really it's because the Illuminati doesn't want Americans to drink or smoke.

Amazon has also used it's power in the book selling industry to cross over into the publishing industry. This is a clear sign of monopoly predatory behavior and yet went unchecked by the US Government. Jeff Bezos once proudly said that he would hunt down publishers "the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle."

Amazon began as an unoriginal theft of other people's intellectual property. Amazon stole Walmarts entire logistics team and used the techniques that Walmart had developed for shipping to build their business around. Walmart sued Amazon on October 16, 1998, alleging that Amazon had stolen Walmart's trade secrets by hiring former Walmart executives. The suit was settled out of court.

Like Walmart, Amazon treats its workers horribly and hope one day to replace them all with robots. Amazon is a bruising unfriendly place to work where you are constantly at risk of losing your job. "Personally I have not met any Amazonian with any other extra curricular activity other than work," one anonymous former Amazon employee writes. Amazon scored a 2.7 out of five on Glassdoor's work-life balance rating. In contrast to Silicon Valley's push towards more generous family policies, Amazon does not offer paid paternity leave.

In a set-up that sounds like something out of "The Hunger Games," once a year managers come together to review employees' work and debate their standings. Amazon employees are ranked according to their performance, and those at the bottom are eliminated each year in a grueling process called an Organization Level Review. "You learn how to diplomatically throw people under the bus," one marketing employee told The New York Times. "It's a horrible feeling."

A PayScale survey quoted by The New York Times found that Amazon's median employee tenure is one year. Amazon's system is stupid and dumb. They lose good employees all the time. Companies churning through employees like that is never economically sound. Amazon's brutal workplace doesn't make it more competitive, it weakens Amazon. I've been deeply involved in engineers recruiting for a long time, and the pattern of burn and churn at Amazon, resulting in a disproportionate number of candidates from Amazon showing at our doorstep, is clear and consistent," Nimrod Hoofien, a director of engineering at Facebook and an Amazon veteran, said in a recent Facebook post.

Ultimately, Amazon hopes to use robots for everything. They want to use drones for delivery and other robots in the warehouses to prep packages. If they could get rid of their programming staff they would. They want everything to run like a computer.